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i am a diabetic have had numerous laser treatments on both eyes i now have scar tissue around my retina i have good  frontal vision is there any treatment to get rid of the scar tissue and improve my peripheral vision
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This would be a good question for your opthamologist!
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by Goldy011983, 15 minutes ago
Even if any treatment is done, you need to ensure control of your sugar level.
Diabtecis can easily be controlled by exercise. Laughter Yoga is kind of exercise. pls google it out about laughter yoga and its impact on blood sugar.
I will tell my experience.  Last week  I went  for standard health check-up. As instructed I was on fast from last night. They collected my blood and urine sample at 9 A.M. Then I was offered breakfast at 9.15 am. I had following breakfast
5 to 6 Idli (South Indian Dish)
2  Butter Toast
1 cup tea
2 Banana
1/2 Apple

Now I was asked to come again at 11.15 A.M (i.e 2 hours after breakfast)  for blood and urine test. Not knowing what to do for two hours, I sat at some isolated chair in the clinic and did 20 minutes silent laughter exercise. (BTW now i am very much can do laughter yoga by myself alone). Samples were taken as per schedule.
Now result:

My Fasting Sugar : 99
Sugar Level after breakfast: 91
Pls note that I dint did anything except laughter exercise for 20 min in that waiting 2 hour period
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