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diabetes diagnosis question

My bloodwork has always come back perfect as it relates to diabetes but I do feel I have some of the symptoms periodically like frequent urination, tiredness, fatigue, even periodic finger numbness, etc... The question is this: Can you have diabetes without blood work presenting it? And if so how do you make sure?
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Get this lab; hemoglobin A1C (HGBA1C or hbA1c) to see if you are a diabetic candidate. The test measures glucose on red cells over the past three months. Range varies depending on your lab. Mine is <6%. For further explanation go here http://www.ucsfhealth.org/adult/adam/data/003640.html
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there are other things besides diabetes that can cause your symptoms.  However, do what the above poster said.  Get a H1C hemoglobin and see what your 3 month range is. .
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Thanks for your comments. What are some other problems you mentioned associated with these symptoms like fatigue, tingling of extremities, etc...?
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just to name a few.  Fibromyalgia, carpel tunnel, stress and so on
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I went to the doctors last week because I had the following symptoms: I get shakey, feel famished at times, my tongue feels funny, lightheaded, weakness, and I have been getting nausea..........

Other symptoms I have recently developed are slight body oder (which I NEVER had before) and what appears to be hot flashes.

I took bloodwork for anemia, thyroid, sugar...........etc. My sugar levels came back high (so I was told).  They had me come in to do more testing and these tests came back normal.....

I know I am NOT losing my mind. I am having these symptoms which use to be infrequent have turned frequent! This has all happened within a months time.  Do you have any answers?


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I cannot control my blood sugar, it is all over the chart. For example two days ago I tested it after dinner and read 156, last night I ate the very same food and tested it to 273.  Can someone please help me?
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