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diabetes or something more serious

about me: 21 , heterosexual male, and i have bad health.

About a Month ago i took an OraQuick Rapid Test for H.I.V.

(the blood draw one) and The Results were "NEGATIVE".

Reason i took it:

for the last two years i've been having weight loss in my face like my cheeks narrow, my face use to be fuller, and i get colds and sore throats easy, headaches, chestpain, eye twitches.

Before I took the H.I.V. Test it had been 3 Years since i had unprotected sex. The Counselor at the clinic wondered why i waited so long to take an H.I.V. Test. I waited so long, because i had a cold that lasted longer than 3 weeks and i freaked out...like damn why is my immune system so low.

Okay after the Negative Test results, I went on about my life, but I start having real bad nosebleeds at work that lasted longer than 20 -30mins.. i was working in a warehouse around alot of dry air and pressure treated wood.

I went to two doctors and they both ran "blood tests" on me, and said I'm perfectly fine, i just need to get out of that environment, so i got out of my job.

But currently i still notice my skinny face, severe headaches, eye twitching, blurry vision sometimes..not often.

I'm afraid to hang out with my old friends, because they'll notice my face and say "damn whats wrong with you".

I've been eating properly, my body hasn't changed..just my face!

its strange...

i asked a few people and they told me, maybe i should take a Panel STD TEST...but So far i've taken an H.I.V. and TWO SIMPLE BLOOD TESTS.


I personally think its heart problems or brain problems..
-for the awhile i've been having chest muscle pain..you know sharp pinching in my chest area..literally at different spots... on and off...sometimes it stops and sometimes its consistent...

- eye twitching happens every other day...or more..

- headaches i get every other day or more...my headaches vary sometimes they are on one side of my head..sometimes the back of my head...

my immune system feels low...but i don't have any cold symptoms but when i do get colds during the year they last a very long time...

so long..i actually thought i had something seriously wrong with me... me and my ex-girlfriend use to have unprotected sex a couple years ago...last year i took a h.i.v. test... my results were negative...

now fast forward a year or so... i have chest muscle pain, eye twitching, and headaches...

so right now i don't know whats going on..?
and I Don't know who i should see ..as far as doctors go..
i haven't had a full physical ex
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There is no mention whether you tested for Diabetes and the results came back positive or negative. You seem more concerned about HIV & STD than diabetes so try posting on the Ask a Doctor Forum , perhaps Neurology and/or Undiagnosed Symptoms due to your past work environment.
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and to add to WaveRider none of the symptoms mentioned seem to indicate diabetes either.
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Yeah thats why i came to this board.
My main symptoms i get almost everyday is HEADACHES from all points on my head. Weight Loss in my face. Pain in my face and ChestPain.

all other symptoms are once a week type of stuff.

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This board is not ALL medical problems - it is broken down by disease.  You are posting in the Diabetes section and none of this post seems to be related to diabetes as far as we can tell.  I would suggest maybe posting in one of the Dr forums perhaps they can help you better.
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HEADACHES = Neurologist, a doctor who deals with seizures, stroke, neurology channel, coma, alzheimers, brain, spinal cord, nerves,  HEADACHES, migraine, the nervous system, ... Make sense?
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OK... I agree with previous replies that this original post was... odd...

However, if anyone ends up here somehow looking for info about HIV Testing, being young and skinny with chest pain, or worried about headaches, or especially worried about Type II Diabetes, then this is for you...

1) For ALL of the above possible symptoms:  GO SEE A DOCTOR!  I'm not kidding... somewhere within a reasonable travel distance, there is more than likely a free clinic available... do a web search (Google, Yahoo, AltaVista, or whatever) for "free clinic [your zip code]" and something should come up.

2) If you are concerned about HIV or any STD, go to a County Health Clinic; try a web search for "free std test [zip code]" or "HIV test [zip code]"

3)  SKINNY people with "pinching chest pain":  Not to discourage you from seeing a doc, even at a FREE clinic; but that symptom isn't too unusual... again, that doesn't mean you should avoid having it checked out by a doc... but don't completely freak out about it.  If you are thin and have that symptom, when it occurs try taking as deep a breath as you can, holding it, and "pressing it down" and see if that doesn't help...  but again, even if that "helps" it doesn't mean that you shouldn't see a doc...  [for thin folks, especially young males, it's sometimes due to "post-chondrial catch syndrome"]

4)  Specific weight loss:  if you are experiencing apparent weight loss in just one area of your body (especially if your total weight is not decreasing or is not falling by much) then you need to see a doc; especially to have the area of weight loss checked out.  IF, by some chance, the doc is dismissive without explaining the change to you, then seek out another doc!

5) Weight loss (or weight gain) along with increased thirst, increased urination, WITH tiredness, decreased energy, increased hunger:  no matter what your age or previous health status, get to a doctor as soon as you can...  it might be nothing, it might be diabetes, it might be something else... but you need to get it checked out...

6) Pretty much anyone: you would absolutely benefit by finding a doc you connect with and having full annual exams, if only so that you have a 'baseline' against which to compare...
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