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diabetes without medicine?

I am male, 44. Found diabetes before eight months. I am not taking any medicine. Once I visited a doc who precribed me a long list of medicines and again I declined to take the medicines. My count is about 240(fasting) and about 300 rendom. I am quite normal with my health. I heard that the medicine will create the health unbalance.
In the case of dibetes, I think, doctors are acting like dealers and treating patients as clients. The only problem I have is some type of infection at my penis tip and dryness of skin over there.

What should I do?

Am I right at my thinking?
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it is normal not to want to take medicines.  However your fasting level at 240 and random at 300 are very high.  Normal levels for people without diabetes are < 95 fasting and < 120 2 hours after eating.

Your very high levels are putting your body under a lot of stress.  You are dramatically increasing your risk for vascular and heart disease.  You also increase your risk of going blind and kidney failure.  And these are just some of the worst symptoms.  Oh and increased skin infections are also a result of diabetes.... along with very poor circulation which can result in amputation.

I think that with your sugar levels you need to be very aggressive with a healthy lifestyle (low carb diet, make sure you have ideal weight, daily aerobic exercise).  However, if you can't get your sugar levels to normal through lifestyle you definitely need medicine (this can be tablets and/or insulin).

Don't be so suspicious of the medical profession that you jeopardise your life.  That is what you are doing with your current attitude. Uncontrolled diabetes kills.  And not pleasantly.

You are very wrong in your thinking in this case.  

Take the opportunity to read about diabetes... educate yourself on the best way to manage it.  But be assured there is no miracle or easy cure.... you are going to have to do the work that it will take and work with your doctors as well.
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"I am quite normal with my health."
Quite the opposite. You wouldn't be posting here if it was true. And not with your very high and close to being dangerous glucose levels either.

"I heard that the medicine will create the health unbalance."
Heard from where? A friend? Co-worker? This is the most profound statement I've read in quite a while.

"I think, doctors are acting like dealers and treating patients as clients."
Are you on drugs? Another profound statement.

Ditto what Super_sally says. She gave you sound advice, especially in her last paragraph. You don't have to listen to us nor follow any medical professionals advice. At least try to understand what untreated diabetes will do to your health and body, that is, unless you're looking forward to becoming blind and/or having your limbs amputated.
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I must agree with the 2 previous comments.  You are endangering your very life.  You of course do not have to take any medications which a physician advises however, you must consider that you are putting your self in danger.  I only know of two people who are diabetic & their docs have not put them on medication.  One of them is my brother and I even think he should monitor his level of 140 much more than he does.

Your levels are much, much too high.  You must read up on the dangers of leaving your diabetes untreated.  Just because you feel doctors are dealer should not make you not want to investigate the illness they say you have.  If you feel you cannot trust the one you have - see another doctor.  Check out a web site which can give you some information.  WebMD is a good one to start with.

My prayers are with you that you will truly come to your senses.

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