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Taking Januvia 50mg in am and Glipizide XL 10mg, 1 in am and 1pm. Tried Byetta. Worked great but at night I coughed up clear thick bubbly liquid so went off. Lost weight with Byetta. Would increasing Januvia to 100mg along with the Glipizide Xl help?? I read low in the AM and high the rest of the day. A1C is always below 6. Usually 5.7-5.9. Don't want to go on insulin. Willing to try Byetta again. Weight is coming back on very fast.
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"Would increasing Januvia to 100mg along with the Glipizide Xl help??"
ALWAYS consult with your doctor regarding medication adjustments. Lowering, or increasing or stopping your medication without doctors approval can lead to complications and serious health risks.

"I read low in the AM and high the rest of the day. Weight is coming back on very fast."
An easy way to lower glucose [blood sugar] levels is to stay fit and healthy. Regular exercise not only helps lower glucose levels, but also helps fight infections. Staying active and taking regular exercise can also help with blood pressure problems. Exercise also helps control the body's weight and regulate cholesterol levels. With this in mind, weight gain also is attributed to poor nutrition. Try restricting eating sugary foods, foods made with white flour, and restrict carb intake - a low carb diet will lead to weight loss. The body looks to burn carbs for energy, when little is available it burns body fat instead.

Lastly, your A1c does not warrant moving up to insulin. HTH
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