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sugar level high.  how do i lower i take pills but it is still higharound 180-203
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An easy way to lower blood sugar levels is to stay fit and healthy. Regular exercise not only helps lower blood sugar levels, but also helps fight infections. Staying active and taking regular exercise can also help with blood pressure problems. Exercise also helps control the body's weight and regulate cholesterol levels. This exercise does not need to be a grueling workout. Thirty minutes of exercise a day, even walking, will help to lower blood sugar levels. Walking to the store instead of taking the car is all that may be necessary to provide you with some much needed exercise. Don’t park near the store door, park at the far end of the lot and walk across the lot to the door.

You also have to make a conscious effort towards making lifestyle changes. Making lifestyles changes to ones diet is not awful nor difficult. Instead of trying to figure out what not to eat focus on what you should eat. Avoid white foods [foods made with white flour [breads, crackers], white rice, potatoes, pasta] as these quickly turn into sugar after digestion. Eat quality proteins like fish and fowl, nuts and seeds, beans and legumes, fresh vegetables and small amounts of whole grains. Meats should be broiled, grilled or baked on a grated wire meshed rack to allow fats to drain and prepared with seasoning instead of breaded. If you eat fruits eat them with other foods to slow absorption of fructose [fruit sugar]. Avoid dairy milk almost all contain heaps of sugar for added flavor. Drink water not soda or energy drinks or milk. Also eat smaller meals more frequently, and keep your stress low with meditation. HTH

Remember, your best friend is your home glucose test meter. Until you can grasp which foods your body can tolerate it is extremely important to test your glucose preprandial [before a meal] and postprandial [2-3 hours after a meal]. Preprandial provides a baseline while postprandial tells you how the foods you ate 2-3 hrs earlier affect your glucose levels. Postprandial levels should be <141 mg/dl, better yet <121 mg/dl. Normal [70-99 mg/dl] is time to celebrate. Good luck -

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Is it possible you need a higher dose?...Are you watching your diet?  I have not been and I know that I need to get back to the diabetic diet.
Good luck to you
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