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can any explain this for me.
yesterday I went for my 3monthy diabetic blood test and my b12 injection. today had a call from the doctor to ask me to repeat it tomorrow and come back in to see him next week.
he said something about being anaemic but I thought it was blood sugar they were testing for.
why can't they just give me a  prescription for iron and what will show any different in a blood test in 24hours.
also he said yesterday that I had neuropathy in my feet but my circulation was good. advised daily/weekly foot check myself. I also have prolific retinopathy .Is my diabetes getting worse or am I worrying unnecessary.
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Maybe the MD wants to make sure the blood test is not in error so ordered a  second test.

They usually do more than 1 test on a blood draw.

is your diabetes getting worse?  I dont know what are your BG numbers?

It doesnt sound like you know that much about diabetes and the control of it.  I would suggest you find out more of the relationship of what causes BG to rise (eating carbohydrates), self testing, drugs to lower BG and complications (retinopathy, neropathy...).  Complications are NOT part of diabetes, complications are from uncontrolled diabetes.  By uncontrolled I mean BG over 136, for when BG goes over 136 that is when damage to your eyes and nerves and blood vesals happens.  

Complications are NOT inevitable. dont settle for what the MD says is OK its your body you pay the price for uncontrolled BG not the MD.
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thankyou for your advice. will post results of tomorrows visit. but you are right I don't really know much about diabetes only that it is making me feel lousy
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Diabetes is controllable you dont have to get complications or let them get worse.   You can take the rane and control your BG.  Google "eat to your meter"
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just got results of my blood glucose test and it was 7 which nurse said for me that was fine and now have neuropathy in my feet but circulation ok which is good.
doctor phoned now and asked me to come in as there is an issue  with blood check. nurse sort of said something about cholestel and low iron but I have just had a B12 injection.
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7 fasting is NOT fine...  damage to your body starts at 7.6  (like neropathy)  you dont say If the test is an A1c test or just a fasting BG test

You need to get a BG meter In the USA you can get a cheep one at Walmart (relion brand)  test 1 hour after your biggest meal of the day.  you never want to see BG over 7.6

Get a meter and test yourself.
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seeing doctor on Saturday morning and will post what he has to say. thanks for advise it makes me feel better.
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