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just spent  3weeks in hospital with diabetic complications with my kidney function. been discharged but they stopped my diabetic medication in hospital because they said I was ok without it
I had a few hypos while in hospital and episodes of very low blood pressure. .I  cant understand why they say that but consultant says my own doctor will see if I need it. surely with all the complications ie kidney failure - retinopathy - neuropathy why stop my tablets. does anyone know why.
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I was speeding and got stopped by the police...  he didnt give me a ticket.   Can you tell me why I did not get a ticket.

How can ANY of us passably answer that.  You give no info at all.

what drugs where you on? how much? what was your BG? AND what did you eat since its carbohydrates that raise BG what is your normal BG when your not in the hospital.  Can we ASSUME your a T2 since your on tablets

Ask the people that made the decision. and dont accept an answer you dont understand.
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