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diabetic neuropathy

I was dx'ed with type 2 diabetes in 1990. and took all the meds and diets and so on. About 6 years I noticed a small spot on my left side of my abdomen that felt like a rash but, noyhing was there. Within 7months it spread throughout my entire body and, had an emg done and was told it was diabetic neuro.meanwhile I am on Social security disability from over a dozen orthopedic surgeries. All my joints just all started hurting one night all at the same time. I then started having night terrors and sweats. Then all my muscles started.and the sweats all day and night. and severe pain. I did all the meds neurotin, Lyrica, Cymbalts etc... I am now on 80mgs oxycontin, percocet , paxil,lamictal and several other meds for my heart and honestly feel there is something else going on. I am so depressed, and live in my home. I went from a semi pro bass fisherman and outdoorsmen to a recluse. I don 't know what to do or who to see. I've been to neurologist, internist gastro, cardio. and don't know wher to turn. Nobody I talk to has all these issues. I need help!!!!!!!
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"I've been to neurologist, internist gastro, cardio."

The top doctors in the country are found practicing at academic medical teaching centers located on or near a major university. You also will find the latest state of the art test equipment there. I believe the closest to Levittown is Lehigh Valley Hospital in Allentown.
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