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diet soda pop

A diabetic friend said that if a soda pop is diet, that it is okay to drink. Is this true?
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Well, there are better things to drink and no one ought to drink too much soda, but if it is sugar free it shouldn't hurt your diabetes any.
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Overall, I agree with kitcurious;
Any cola/soda (especially diet) tends to be sweet and make us (meaning we diabetics) 'remember' sugary foods and makes us want more sweet foods, which we know just isn't good for us.  But... I really do believe in "moderation in all things... including moderation" and so, if you are craving a soda (or moreso, craving something sweet and a glass of zero-carb soda will truly fulfill that craving) then yeah, go for it...  but just please remember portion control... at least be mindful of it...

In my personal experience, diet colas make me want more sweet or high-carb foods, and from this forum I think that's a pretty normal experience, so it's best to avoid them if you can; but, if you can get yourself to see them as a 'treat' and push-off any other cravings, then sure, go for it.
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Thank you both :) So what you're saying is, Limit your diet pop intake. My friend says she drinks up to 12 a day. So, they could be causing her to crave even more sugary drinks/foods. Thanx again.
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I have just read a study that caffinee (sp) is actually a bad thing for diabetecs they don't want any soda intake, and I'm a hard core diet dcoke driker, sometimes 10-12 cans a day. I'm in IT so it keeps me going. But it is not a good thing especially in those quanities. It has adverese affects on the heart, the kidneys, mental fucntion, your wired all the time, and caffine withdrawl is horrible. Your better off without it. Drink Green Tea.
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u can drink diet saod, and if there is caffine, check and see if it causes higher Blood sugar numbers. But liek everything moderation is the key. Water is much better and greentea is good also. I have only drank diet soda, I remember frescca when I was young, because thats when I was diagnosed at 16, I have never felt like eating sweets just because I am drinking a diet soda, but that just me...
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12 a day???  
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I was sent a email the other day on aspartame, and after reading it my daughter decided to stop drinking it, she has had heart flutters, hair loss, aches, pains, headaches, and these are all from aspartame it sure sounds like. I will no more by weeks end if my daughter feel better and I know I do, I onle drink diet soda a few times a week, I cut down a few month's ago and to my suprise I just asked my doctor to cut my Oxycone ER back down to 10. He said WHY! I said I haven't had any pain for two months, and I want weaned off. he said it won't happen, I say it will. Dr. don't get this stuff. To bad, I will get all better in my way...Tell your friend, to give me her email or your and I will sent the shocking email to u or her.
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I would say moderation is the key not drink as many as you want. Researchers have reported a correlation between diet soda and metabolic syndrome, which the Mayo Clinic describes thusly:

Metabolic syndrome is a cluster of conditions that occur together, increasing your risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes.

Of course, the best solution is to forego soda altogether. Diet soda is associated with obesity and metabolic syndrome. Regular soda is dense with calories and sugar. Water has none of these drawbacks.
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The artificial sweeteners in diet soda, particularly aspartame, carcinogenic and damage DNA. They are neurotoxic and dangerous. There is a good argument for banning them from the market.

The degree of neurotoxicity and hazard is an open question.

One of the problems is that it is easy for have six or seven cans of diet soda during the course of a hot day. That substantially increases the hazard. It is inexcuseable to serve diet beverages of any kind to children.

It is far better to change to simple water and lemon juice for a thirst quencher.
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Removing the sugars from standard Soda Pop is a good thing.  Too much soda is generally considered bad, but will not impact your blood sugar like regular soda.
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That depend on what you call OK!

Some people think that non natural sweeteners are bad for your health.

If you meen diet soda pop is not going raise your BG then yes, diet soda is OK
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