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do I have type 2?

I notice that if I do not eat bread along with my lunch and went with out it, around 4pm I will feel so tired have to drink can of original coke or pepsi to pick my self little up.. do I suffer from type 2? I went one time to my probably 25 year old GP she than send me to take a blood test but that test what she explained to me didn't show that my sugar level is high in my blood although it showed that my cholesterol level was little high so she told me to carry on as normal nothing is wrong.. recently I picked up little body mass went from 85kg from last year to 89kg (when in 2012 I was 73kg now I am 43 years old 171cm) but I just do not wanna go to this little girl for some consultation cause I am guessing that she doesn't have any clue about this issue.. another thing I have noticed, my urine becomes sometimes so dark like pale when I just woke up in the morning usually it is very light in colour when I am at work and drink plenty water cause moving a lot.. so basically what is happening with me is that I have become very wick in front of a physical tension like to work extra hours or to drive more than 2 hours cause my eye will be concentrated on the road or to walk little more than few miles.. so problem with stamina I would say.. can somebody on the planet if there is some explain to me what can this be that is happening with me?  
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you certainly need to be properly screened for diabetes.  This would involve a blood test called Hba1c (average 3 month blood sugar), and you should also have a fasting blood sugar drawn.

The only way to know if you do or don't have a problem is to test  your blood sugar.  A home meter is typically not expensive and the results can be very revealing.   I do suggest you look into getting a meter.

Given your weight gain (15 kg over ideal?) and lack of stamina recently, aside from having things properly tested, you need to make some lifestyle changes.

Lower carb diet (could be paleo style or modified mediteranean - eat the style but with less carbs) will be helpful for both weight management and blood sugar stabilization (useful whether high or low blood sugars).

Daily exercise will also be very helpful for your well being.

thanks a lot for ur response I just saw it.. sorry if late reply.. will try to get home device asap and than will try to press my GP harder to take things seriously.. thank you very much..
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I agree with Super_sally888- getting properly screened for diabetes is important.  Are you able to see another doctor?  It doesn't sound like your are confident in your doctor- so looking for a second opinion would be a good idea!
thanks for your comment it sounds for me that my story proved to you that there is some smoke in the woods so now I will try to act..
Let us know how you are doing after getting a second opinion!
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