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do normal people have sugar spikes after eating

about 45 mins after my husband had a huge glass of OJ and a bagel his mom tested his sugar just to see how he compared to her and he was at 170 but an hour later it was at 101, should we be concerned? He had a physical 3 mos ago and they did a fasted test and said he was fine. I'm a concerned wife and know nothing about this so any advice is helpful
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Your husband is fine and quite normal. After eating blood glucose [sugar] plateaus in the bloodstream at 2-3 hours. At 1 hour the body hasn't been given ample time to dispose of the excess glucose. The 2 hour level of 101 mg/dl says he's normal. His mom was incorrect to test at 1 hour.
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Thanks SO much. I feel silly because I didn't know anything about these numbers or the disease, so had no input when they told me this. I assumed most people have to have glucose spikes at some point after eating but I just didn't know how high the numbers go before they are considered "diabetic". I looked on the internet and one website said normal people never go above 140 ever but I figured a bagel and huge glass of OJ would cause a major sugar spike in anyone. Thanks again!
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You're welcome.
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I'm sorry but I have to disagree; normal people don't usually spike that high. I would talk further to the doctor and do a OGTT which tests the response to blood sugar over a period of a few hours. Can't hurt to be sure.
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Interesting to say that Zoe, considering "my husband had a huge glass of OJ and a bagel". To say "normal people don't usually spike that high." is misleading. I asked several doctors who concurred that it is possible for a normal person to reach 170 mg/dl especially if they consumed more than the following.

The nutrition facts for:
*12 oz OJ [no added sugars]
Carbs - 39 grams
Sugars - 33 grams

*Plain "white flour" bagel with no topping[s]
Carbs - avg 75- 350 grams
Sugars - 7 grams

Carb sugar overload we do have. If that "huge glass of OJ" was 24 oz we match if not exceed an OGTT. An OGTT results for 75 grams of glucose, normal blood glucose values are:
    * 1 hour - less than 200 mg/dL
    * 2 hours - less than 140 mg/dL

I agree "Can't hurt to be sure." for the husband to be checked by a doctor as inheriting his mother's bad "diabetes" gene is possible.

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i had a huge pot pie 375 carbs 7 grams of sugar and a glass of sweet tea my numbers at 1 hour were 156 at 2 hours 139 and at 3 hours 91  is this bad.
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You ate the whole pie? No regular serving of anything would be 375 carbs!
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It IS possible for a person without diabetes to spike to 170, but not very common. So anyone spiking that high would want to be checked for diabetes. Most people don't spike over 125 and that is usually before 45 minutes. There is something called a first phase insulin response and a second phase insulin response that in normal people make sure to keep the blood sugar from spiking too high. If it does reach that high there is possibly a problem with one or the other of those responses. I would always suggest checking for diabetes if a person is spiking higher. What is the harm? If they are normal, than you are reassured. Testing for diabetes should be with an A1C test which is an average of blood sugars for a period of a couple month. Or with an OGTT which tests a response over time to a sugary drink.
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