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fasting blood sugar from 70 to 100 in 6 mo

I have had a history of hypoglycemia and my fasting blood sugar has always been around 70-80. This year my blood pressure had gone too high (I am on meds now and is well controlled). I recently found out my iron was a little too low (saturation level of %14). I have reflux and had been on meds but am now going off them bacause I believe they caused digestion problems. Cholesterol was borderline high when last tested in April.
I know my fasting blood sugar was 67 in April, I don't remember if I've tested it since, but now I have taken about 5 reading first thing in the morning and they have been between 97 and 105.  I took it a few times during the day and it seemed to be good.
I have many relatives, including my mom, who have type 2 diabetes.  My BMI is about 26%, I excercise regularly and eat all right (not perfect but have been eating more protein, not much simple carbs).
I told my doctor and she said it is fine and doesn't want to do anything. They don't consider pre-diabetes until 110.
Does this sound fine? Should I push for more tests or wait a while?
Why would it go up that much in what seems like a short amount of time to me?

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Get an A1c test. It is the best indicator whether your glucose is under control. Read about it here http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/ency/article/003640.htm

Follow this link to an American Diabetes Assoc. web page to see an illustration of glucose ranges http://tinyurl.com/qt9c9 . Your current medication may be impacting your test results in a negative manner. With this in mind, Doctors do make exceptions to the rule so its best to discuss why she feels in your case up to 110 mg/dl is OK.
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