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glucogon in liver

What about the theory that during th enight if your blood sugar dips low your liver will put out glucogon to help you out....and by having a 3 a.m. cracker or small drink of milk it will stop the liver from producing more sugar?

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I can't believe no one has any food for thought on this subject. Come on people....discuss here.....
I want to know more theories for hi sugar in the morning.....
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thank u madgeOwens! i can`t find any help about getting my sugar level down i`m find when i go to bed and by morning it`s around 265 i don`t know what to do i watch my cards lost 35 lbs. i`m 10 lds less then what my dr wanted me to be at and still have morning hi`s!  i take 1 shot in morning and meds 1 shot at night too; sometimes my husband said when he come to bed  ( he works 2nd shift i work 1st ) i am soaking wet how do you stop this cycle? if i would wake up to eat in the nite then it will break my sleep up and  then i`ll be to tried for work!  i can`t do that i`m in qc i insect test stripe to check blood sugar levels and we all don`t what bad test strips do we!
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It sounds like you need an increase in your night time long acting insulin in order to counteract the Dawn Phenomenon.  (Hopefully you take one of the newer insulins like Lantus or Levemir because it is too hard to control blood sugar with the older insulins such as Regular or 70/30). You might also need to be starting on fast acting mealtime insulins, depending on your numbers at other times. That is much too high. If you have a fast acting insulin you can also use it to correct those morning highs.

People have mixed experiences with snacks to counter DP. If you want, send me a PM and I'll give you a website with a lot more experienced diabetics who have discussed this topic in detail.
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