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hig blood sugar reading

I feel light headed. I tested my blood reading it is 276
What do I do?
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Go see a doctor asap. You glucose reading is dangerously high and will lead to serious consequences unless attended to.
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It is important to keep your sugars lower.  While you are waiting to see your doctor, try excercising (it is a natural way to lower your blood sugar).  Even a walk will help.  If you don't feel up to it, make sure you stay away from sugary, white foods (things high in carbohydrates).

276 is a fairly high reading, the range should be 80-120.  Mine is typically 110-170, although after a meal it has been in the 200's.  My husband just found out he has diabetes also, and his was 479 when he found out!

So although 276 isn't a good number, they do vary based on what you put in your body, how much excercise you get, and your overall health.  Just a cold can raise your blood sugar levels, did you know that?  Stress?  Yep, raises blood sugar!

Good luck on your learning about this disease, and learning to listen to your body.

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Many people who have type 2 diabetes will have a high reading from time to time without it being serious if you get it under control. If you can't get your blood sugar down with proper diet and exercise then perhaps you will need insulin at some point.  Really watch your carbohydrates and portions when you eat.  Get out and walk.  Are you on Metformin or Glyburide?  If you are not you need to see your doctor Asap and discuss a program to get things in a healthy way. Good luck.  Don't be alarmed ...you can get it down with some work hopefully. Go to American Diabetic Association web page, they have great info to help. Accucheck has a good site with a carb counter also.  Good luck!
I'm on Metformin I don't know what my AIC number is I don't have a doctor I don't have medical insurance what am I to do I
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When my bllod sugar gets   that range i feel awful, have shotrnes of breath  usualy w ind up  in bed.  one time it was over 300 A  nurse told em to drink plenty of water.
and walking doe shelp if yuo are able to. I haev found out i cant eat  sweets .
cetainf foods ealy trigger a high sugar level for me. You ddint say if  yuor on meds or not.
waht is your A1C average, yuo all so ig yuo havent have a dibetic eye exam and foot exam.You will either control your sugar level or it will control yuo.I lnow its ahrd at time.
I hope yuo do well.

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I am not a diabetic.  A loved one has it however and I care for them and do have some medical back groound. However, my opinions are just that, not to be taken as a replacement for your physician. If you want professional oppinions you need to be in the expert board and you will see the medusa next to theri names if they comment.  This board is full of well meaning people but they do not all know what they are talking about and are not doctors.  DO not use this board i place of a physician please.  If you feel that bad then get yourself to the doctors stat!
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