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marijuana and ketoacidosis

I have myocarditis and I have been a  type 1diabetic for about 10 years. I smoke marijuana daily for about three years and I was was wondering if there could be a way that the weed could have triggered a recent events of ketoacidosis.
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From the ADA - What causes ketoacidosis?

Ketones mean your body is burning fat to get energy. Moderate or large amounts of ketones in your urine are dangerous. They upset the chemical balance of the blood.

Commonly, the flu, a cold, or other infections may sometimes bring on ketoacidosis.

Here are three basic reasons for moderate or large amounts of ketones:

   1. Not getting enough insulin. Maybe you did not inject enough insulin. Or your body could need more insulin than usual because of illness. If there is not enough insulin, your body begins to break down body fat for energy.

   2. Not enough food.  When people are sick, they often do not feel like eating.  Then, high ketones may result.  High ketones may also occur when someone misses a meal.

   3. An insulin reaction (low blood glucose).  When blood glucose levels fall too low, the body must use fat to get energy.  If testing shows high ketones in the morning, the person may have had an insulin reaction while asleep.

If you puff on moldy pot you put yourself at risk for unknown infections. Without knowing what your other daily habits are who knows what triggered your episode. What did your doctor say? Try also posting on the Ask a Doctor forum. I would be interested to read what Dr Ramsetty has to offer on this subject.
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Im not opposed to pot smoking as some people need to do so whether for physical or psychological reasons.  But if you have a heart ailment be advised that pot  can cause arrythmia problems and vessel constriction especially after you first smoke and can trigger a cardiac event, it is also akin to cigerette smoking and is a another equal opportunity slow death provider.  Dont mean to sound like I am lecturing, but then its not the question you asked.  It didnt cause your ketoacidosis unless it effected your judgement in your care.  
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hey this is a super old thread but just incase someone is out there looking for answers, I'll add my 2 cents.
I've been diabetic for 20 years now. I'm 28. I've been a regular pot user for probably 10 years. I firmly believe that used (not excessively) for diabetics, that pot can help a vast number diabetic complications and symptoms. This has been backed up recently by research on weed and diabetes. There was a study in may of 2015 that proved what i had ben claiming for a long time. specifically in relation to inflamation, neuropathy, gastroparesis, and muscle pain, related to diabetes. I do think its sometimes harder to keep an eye on your sugars and notice fluxuations as readily when regularily stoned. I try to only smoke a little at night and find that if i have a small amount of THC in my system about every 30-40 hours or so i maintain a comfortable baseline with my symptoms.
I should note, before i talk about ketoacidosis, that weed isn't a saviour for diabetics. there are lots of side effects of chronic pot use that i don't find entirely desirable and i have found that it is very important to find a specific stain that benefits the issues you have most and that has the lowest levels of the side effects you don't enjoy. I use small amounts of a very potent strain I have managed a regular supply of. Chem Fire. When i cant get it i use other high power hybrid kushes usually 60-40 or 70-30 sat/ind.

Anyways. what i wanted to say was that if you regualrily smoke weed (it takes about 10 days to clear weed out of your brain. if you smoke at least once a week you regularily use weed) and then stop and try and detox, your diabetes doesn't know what the **** to do and starts freaking out. If i go 3 days without smoking i will definitely show  keytones and feel like ****. there are lots of other ways that your symptoms will be effected. Its been a long time since i was a rookie weed smoker, so i dont really know if that effect would come from simply smoking weed one weekend and then going back to not regularily smoking. but your body doesn't like it when you stop smoking weed when you're a diabetic.  
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