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medicin of Diabetes

I am type-2 diabetic patient. Taking pills Tribate three times a day. My brother in law is also type-2 diabetic and taking the same tablet Tribate. This medicine is containing "Pioglitazone".
Recently we both had suffered with prostate-urine infection seriously  and both were admitted to hospital. Doctors starts antibiotics etc and the infection was controlled.
Now i read on Facebook that medicine Tribate tab containe Pioglitazone which can be cause of  prostate / gall bladder cancer if taken more than 2 years as per latest research.
When i  contaacted my  home doctor MD he says he is not aware of it and recommend to consult any specialiest of Diabetes.
Sir What should I do? What 's the alternative of  Tribate tab as this tablet is helping me to control sugar level but after reading that using prolong it can be harmful. Regards
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The drug name Tribate appears to be country specific to India. However, Pioglitazone is sold elsewhere under the name Actos. Actos falls into the anti-diabetic medication class of Thiazolidinediones. France and Germany have suspended the sale of Actos after a study suggested the drug could raise the risk of bladder cancer. Also, read the thread directly below "safe drugs By bill1952852" for additional comments.

It is not appropriate for anyone on the internet to make medical drug recommendations - usage, dosage, changes. Without knowledge of your medical history or records only an appropriate health care provider should do so. As such, you can read about the three different oral diabetes medication classifications and drugs that fall into each class here then discuss them with your provider.
Be sure to search each drug using key words "side effects" [no " "]

Do you have an Endocrinologist in your area? If yes, go see one. If not, go find another doctor who is up-to-date on diabetes treatment and medications. Good luck -
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