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morning blood sugar post breakfast

my post 2hour blood sugars have been running consistently over 10 for a while. I eat no more than 20 to 25 gr of carbs at this meal. I take 2 medformin with breakfast. Most other readings after meals are well within normal limits and my most recent A1C was a mere 6.3  Any suggestions?

This discussion is related to Fasting blood sugar levels high in the morning.
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Hmm, sorry but I guess I do not understand. Your post says that the discussion is related to "fasting blood sugar levels high in the morning" but all of your information relates to testing blood after meals.  Guess that for me it cannot be both.  My Diabetes Nurse's instructions for morning fasting blood test are to test the blood "when you awake, before eating or any medication".

Also, though you list the level of carb for the morning meal, you do not indicate what else you are having.  Without more any information do not see how anyone can suggest anything.  Perhaps other Forum members have better information than I.

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I am not referring to fasting blood sugars but rather readings taken 2 hours after a meal when I am told my level should not exceed 10 (Canadian measurements) Mine are often 13 to 15. Other than cereal and milk that is breakfast. The rest of my measurements throughout the day are within normal limits. wizzy146
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Good Morning, I have the same problem Whem I get up I check my weight and BG BEFORE anything in the morning. I go to my computer enter all my stats and calculate my carbs for my breakfast. I adjust my Novalog fro the 1:4 ratio and take it about 20 minutes befor my meal and WOW sometimes it's so out of wack even I am stunned. Endo said take the Novalog about 1 hr before the meal it might help since I am really insulin resistant tracking that now, good luck with yours see what your endo thinks, Rich
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Milk contains a lot of sugar and so does most if not all cereals.
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U R right 12 grms + the average cereal 27 grms  = 39 that's lot What no toast 14 grms
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I would get rid of the carbs and replace them with protein.  

How high is your fasting blood sugar?

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Type 1 diabetic here.

Most cereals (the crunchy with-milk kind, not oatmeal) have a high gylcemic index meaning that their carbs are absorbed very quickly by the body. In my experience, cereals are absorbed too quickly to be properly conterbalanced by insulin. I avoid these types of cereals except in hypoglycemic situations.


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l have a spiking bsl to 17 (waking bsl 7) after breaky which is plain oatmeal tea with skim milk, thereafter it settles down to 9.5 and 8"s throughtout the day. l am on byetta 5up twice daily plus metfromin and glazide 60mg. any one else have this issue?
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Your bs of 17 is extremely and dangerously high.  The 9.5s an 8s throughout the days are also way higher than they should be and you are at very high risk of major diabetic complications.

We'd like to see numbers never higher than a 7 (ideally around 6 should be maximum), and fasting numbers around 5.

Your medications are not working properly any more.  It may be time for insulin.

In any case you should be seeing your doctor with these kind of nubmers and asking what to do to get them down.

If your doctor is not concerned by these numbers you need urgently to find a new doctor.

Please work on making sure you are restricting / limiting carbs, exercising daily, and noral weight.

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