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my mom has diabetes and her level was 190but mine was 222!!

I am 22 and have no insurance but I was afraid that I may have diabetes so I went to a doctor concerning this and darkness on my neck ,front and back, and he rubbed my neck with alcohol to see if it was dirt!! He order a blood test done and i didn't get info till after 2 week only form the hospital saying that I was ok, but doc never called me on results. My mom has diabetes type 2. I called Hospital for results and they said that I was negative but they did say that I had a 1200 dollars bill for blood test + 90 from original doctor.

Now, I have started to power walking three times a week last week but haven't been able to today from , of course, the weather!! I live in Ohio. My mom was curious and checked my sugar level from me and my sister (everything clean and new) cause we found out something about dark shades in back of neck and front. Remember.. she is diabetic mom:190 sister(14 years old):130 me : 222! I am gonna check tomorrow morning again and see what the number is. I weigh about 206 ...But I swear I am trying to keep the weight off but the weather don't help me and I am really trying to keep this exercise routine. Do you guys think I am already too late from diabetes , where can i find an eating plan and what should i do, when I cant exercise outside????
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Lots of questions and concerns, understandably! Let me start with the most important: Your visit to the doctor and the resulting "blood test" are unclear to me. Was it a diabetes test? If so the results being "negative" make no sense. What were the numbers? I would call the doctor and make sure you get the actual results, or make an appointment for follow-up, sharing your glucose meter results with him.

Yes, your numbers are most definitely a cause for concern. Your weight does very much increase your risk. I know weight loss is hard. You talk about exercise but you don't mention how you eat; you need to work out a combination of the two that you can live with. There are many options for exercise when the weather is bad. You could get an exercise video, you could join a gym, buy some home exercise equipment (winters are long in Ohio, you'd use it!), even just do exercises while watching tv.

Health weight loss plans can be found everywhere online. But do make sure it is a healthy weight loss plan. You are motivated to lose weight and that is great, but people who do radical diets generally can't maintain them. If you do, in fact, develop diabetes, you need to learn healthy eating you can live with ongoing. Waverider, who is on this board, can probably recommend a good site for diabetic nutrition.

Most important, please do find out what is going on. I know it is hard without insurance but diabetes, unfortunately, is a very common disease and their are good doctors even in free clinics. If you have diabetes and are qualified, you might want to apply for Medicaid and/or work on getting insurance, so you can get the care you need. Good luck and let us know how you do.
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Zoe gave you some great advice. The unfortunate part about type 2 diabetes is that it has much greater chance of being passed from mother/father to their children than those who do not. Keep in mind there is no cure for diabetes at this time, only control. Letting it go uncontrolled will lead to cardio, kidney, and in the worse cases loss of limbs (amputation).

To add to Zoe's post...
1. Cut out sugar and processed foods. It’s the most important and hardest thing to do. Eat more fruits and veggies instead. Skip desert, period. Don’t be tempted to munch on bad foods between meals.
2. Eat a better breakfast. Your metabolism is faster in the morning than it is later in the day. Skip the man made dry cereals for they are loaded with sugar. Instead of doughnuts, eat foods high in fiber, protein and good fats, like a veggie omelet, or oatmeal with ¼ tsp cinnamon and handful of blueberries for the antioxidant compounds.
3. Learn to love your veggies. Although it’s contrary to many American meals, eat a main course of veggies with a small side of meat to provide the right nutritional balance.
4. Monitor the types of foods you eat. Keep a log. Avoid those that raise your glucose.
For example; ALL root vegetables (carrots, beets, radishes, etc) contain sugar and my body cannot tolerate them. I learned this through trial and error.

Moderate exercise:
1. Go for a walk after eating to help burn off excess glucose.
2. Do some sort of moderate exercise daily or at least 3-5 times a week.

1. You’d be surprised how much lower your glucose will be if you shed those EXTRA pounds.

Some good sights on nutrition and recipes are:

The main reason that diabetes sufferers develop skin conditions is that they have reduced nerve sensitivity and poor circulation. Most often its in the feet since the body will provide blood to your internal organs first before it does to your limbs. There are many other reasons for dark patchy skin, one is attributed to overweight. But only a Dermatologist may have the answer.

You're too young to qualify for Medicare. Also, if you live under your mother's roof you're disqualified, that is, unless a doctor has declared you disabled. Search with Google for free medical clinics in your area. Post back in this thread if you further questions.
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