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please respond as soon as possible.

I have a fifteen year old son who has had asthma all of his life.  last year, he was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis.  He's been on asthma meds all of his life and i had just taken him off almost all of them when he was diagnosed with the uc after an episode of bleeding badly from his colon and a ct scan showing innumerable lymph nodes, too many too count being enlarging and the scan reading that the diagnosis was consistent with uc, chronns, or less likely lymphoma.   after being diagnosed with uc he was placed on asacol 1200mg. 3 times a day, prednisone a couple of times last year, entocort most recently, and asacol enemas at night at times.   Just recently he started getting muscle cramps, flu like symptoms with bronchitis and had a glucose level of 169, and a cholesterol level in the high 160s as well.  He had had an alkaline phosphate level up to almost 600 for years and stays very fatigued and in pain. i am so worried about him.  he is overweight.  hes 5.9 and weighs about 244.  He doesnt eat right, he says that due to stomach problems he cant and because of fatigue and pain very seldom gets any activity, except for school.  when his glucose level and cholesterol level came back abnormal he had just ate pizza and drank a soda about 1 to 1 and a half hours before.  i dont like him eating that stuff but there is only so many things he can stomach and he has always been a picky and very poor eater.  ive seen babies eat more than he does.  he does eat sometimes late at night but it is not very much.  i am wondering if all of these medical problems are related and how and could there be one underlying problem that may be worse that the doctors havent figured out, such as lymphoma or some other form of cancer be causing him these problems, i hope not but need to know in order to help him.  also could any  medicines he could be taking for some of these problems be causing others, such as the asacol and glucose levels?  is that an abnormal glucose and cholesterol level for him?  Please, Please, anyone who can help me with these questions for him, i would greatly appreciate.  We live in east ky. and the doctors here arent very knowledgeable on a   lot of these things and i cant seem to get any help.   ive even taken him to about six specialists at a University hospital four hours away and they cant seem to help him.  he doesnt seem to be getting better with these things, the asacol or steroids one seem to help the bleeding but he is developing so many other symptoms i dont know what to do.  i keep telling the doctors he is a sick little boy but because he is very talkative they think he isnt that sick.  its a behavioral thing and they dont understand.  Hes also getting a lot of depression now.  Please, please, help him.   Nanae  
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I suggest you do two things; first go here and read the briefs on his medications. http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/druginformation.html  Then do a Google search on each med with the word "pharmaceutical" (no quotes) following. This will provide a detailed explanation including side affects and contraindictions. Prednisone does raise glucose levels but more so often the culprit is poor nutrition.

You list numerous health issues that need expert opinions. Expert doctors in each field are located at teaching hospitals normally located at or near a major college university. To find one close to you follow this link
You're the boss, not him. You also have a duty as a parent to make sure he is healthy. By saying 'I can't do anything' you effectively are neglecting your child. If you can't protect him, perhaps the state should. They will do what you won't. It seems, you need to put your foot down and get serious about his health. It sounds like he's extremely ill and has liver disease along with cardiac disease and a list of other ailments. How can you possibly just shrug your shoulders and ignore that? Who bought him the pizza and pop? You did! I would go back to the doctor and ask if he/she can draw up a specific diet plan for your son AND refer him to a psychiatrist because he needs professional help with not only his depression but his self harming behaviour. He obviously has an eating disorder which must be dealt with. This is not normal, so please stop normalizing it. He is on the brink of death. Wake up and DO something!
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