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random blood glucose lab result, validity?

Hello, I am a 25 year old male, had a qyestion regarding a lab test result which I got earlier this year (doctor nor I thought anything of it, questioning it now as people have mentioned this to me recently). To sum up, I had a physical done which included a random blood sugar test (to be honest, think I either took the test in the morning/didnt eat yet or had MAYBE a small snack at the most). Regardless, my random blood sugar a little while back was a 79...well within the normal test limit. My problem/question is this...the test was collected and sent out to a lab (as I have done in the past). Now the problem is the lab (and even the lab results themselves) state that there may be "a false decrease in glucose" due to the delay/mixing of blood with certain elements. I know this came into play once in the past as my doctor actually got a "critical value" for my blood glucose as it came back under the normal limit (was fine, he didn't even tell me the number but he knew right away/told me it was from the "false decrease" in the lab value otherwise I'd be dead).

Anyway, here is my concern/question:
1) If the lab has/admits a "false decrease" in blood glucose readings, does that mean my 79 random blood glucose test is A LOT higher than that?  And if I WAS fasting for that exam (it was a few months ago, believe it might have been a morning appointment), what does that mean in terms of the false decrease? Does anyone have any realistic/substanial evidence/knowledge on this? Are we talking about a 5-10 percent false decrease (which would sitll put me under the diabetes threshold) or is it much higher (thereby diagnosing diabetes/higher risk).

I should add that I do have diabetes inb the family, have consistently had no glucose in my urine, no medications or conditions/problems...what do you think about this lab result though...does it have any vaidity (either as a random and/or fasting blood sugar) or just throw it out and get it all done again. Know I am 25, but do have a family history and not in good shape past few years. Thanks to anyone who can offer substantial information on the blood glucose lab problem.  
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a random blood glucose doesn't really mean much.

Much more accurate is a fasting blood glucose (particularly if it is high), or HA1C - which will tell you your average blood glucose over the past 3 months.

If you are concerned and there is diabetes in your family, you could use one of their glucose monitors and measure 2 hours after a normal meal.  If your levels are high 2 hours after a normal meal, that would indicate that you should look into it further.

Having sugar in urine normally occurs in advanced diabetes so is not really a good indicator.

Best at this stage to look at and implement lifestyle measures to control your weight to normal, exercise regularly (ideally daily), and eat a lower carb diet (avoiding highly processed foods).

Hope this helps.
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""a false decrease in glucose" due to the delay/mixing of blood with certain elements.""

Labs have specified time lines to test blood samples. Surpassing the time line makes the test results bogus, the test is a throw out. Some doctors have their own labs while most send them to an outside independent lab. In either case, the doctor's lab technician or an outside lab technician was tardy testing your blood sample. Complain to your doctor as he/she should make every effort to correct this tardiness so it doesn't happen again.

By the way, random glucose test is basically useless as it only measures your glucose at the time of the test. Having food in  your system will result in a false/positive [bogus] reading. The A1c test is the gold standard for seeing how well your body manages and controls blood glucose.
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what exactly is "advanced diabetes"?
i've had diabetes for 6 years, worked with/for endocrinologists for closer to 10... and never heard anything about "advanced diabetes"
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Hey, appreciate all the feedback, wanted a little advice on what I just tried to find out until I get to a doctor to confirm everything. So what I did after other day was go out and buy a home glucose monitor, just see where I stand. So what I did was have a reatively light dinner since it was a little late from getting in(protein bar, some nuts/raisins) and plenty of water. I then went to bed (waited about 8 hours), woke up to do my blood sugar. Now, I have never used one (nor seen one used), so tried it out as I was going. I didn't realize you need to do a control? Before you test it OR that you need to "squeeze" the blood and "touch" it to the strip. So what I did was essentially "smear" it on the strip, test it...and it came back 201. I immediately panicked, and tried a few more strips (about 3 or 4 coming back with errors, as I guess I was either not pressing it in enough or getting enough blood or smearing I guess - again, never seen it done or owned one). So I kind of collected myself )still really nervous at this point as it was fasting, 201). So I did two more readings in a row and got a 71 and 91 respectively. I called the company to ask essentially, "how can you get a 201, 71, 91"...so they had me use my last strip to make sure the machine was in normal control limits (it was/is). They didn't give me "too" conclusive of an answer, but could have "smearing"/improperly using the strips/blood amount/whatever else I did on the first test have caused that 201? It just is really scary/confusing...a 201, 71 and 91...all within minutes of each other w/different blood samlples. I know I need a doctor so please don't simply echo that, unfortunately waiting to gey to one...can I do another fasting test toorrow and get more strips, or is that going to give a "false" reading becaise I've fasted so recently? So just to sum up, first reading (ever using machine) was a 201, two after a few errors was 71,91 (all fasting about 8 hours, different blood samples). Also, had a random lab blood sugar a few months ago of 79 (which I posted about the objecyivity of thay test w/delay, but regartdless...was still only a 79, not anywhere near a 201).

Appreciate any help, thanks
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by advanced diabetes, I mean severe diabetes with very abnormal sugar levels / and diabetes with complications.... such as kidney problems...
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Actually, in Type 1 diabetics, sugar in urine can occur at diagnosis. Many Type 1's are admitted to hospital in DKA from consistently high blood sugars. DKA can happen to Type 2's as well but is much less common. Symptoms of DKA include flu like symptoms and vomiting.
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Ledzep - Your test results indicate improper usage of the meter. Didn't the glucose meter come with instructions? If not, go the manufacturers web site, download the instructions & read it carefully so you understand how to use it properly. And, yes, some meters require calibration to the test strip prior to use.
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