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right eye

I had a bright jagged shaped image right eye only that resembled a piece of broken mirror.  It was there if I looked at something or if I closed my eyes.  This lasted about 1/2 hr followed by headache.  Should I be concerned?
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Anything out of the ordinary should cause some concern and discussed with a doctor in length. I had friend who saw things like that, had reoccurring headaches, ignored them for years until it became unbearable. They found the cause, an inoperable brain tumor.
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thanks for the advice.
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You're welcome. Hope it gets resolved soon.
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I get those occasionally. I went to an eye doctor and he called them "eye migraines". Haven't had them for awhile, but when I do they remind me of a Star Trek episode where Captain Kirk is being tortured by jagged bright images on both sides of him.
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