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sticky skin

One year ago I was diagnosed with diabetes. I'm on Lantis. With lots of education, I'm now in control of my disease. Except for one side effect that is driving me crazy! My skin is sticky. My Dr. says it's common, but no one I've met with diabetes has this hideous side effect. I don't know what kind of soap/shampoo to use to keep a waxy kinda film from building up. Been through baby shampoo, dove soap, dish soap and this does help. Excercising is a nightmare because when I heat up and start to sweat, my pores are blocked in alot of places so I don't sweat everywhere and it's so hard to cool down. I dread warm weather because my internal temp goes into "hell" mode and I get sick. My Dr. said that losing weight and getting my diabetes controled would solve the problem (high sugar apparently makes sticky blood, sweat and tears!), but despite a ten pound weight loss (10 more to go) and only slightly elevated BS (100-140), the stickiness is only a little better. So okay, I'll lose the next 10 lbs. and stick to my management program, but how do I deal with this problem now? I feel miserable. If anyone reading this can relate (I hope not because you suffer this cause it *****), please respond. Thanks alot.
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Try posting on the "Ask A Doctor" Dermatology forum.
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Hi.  I read your post because I was looking for answers to the same problem. I've had this for a few years now, and also find that, aside from being sticky, the skin in the crease of my chin and the sides of my nose tends to also have a foul smell to it. I also overheat, and experience night sweats but have a hard time sweating and cooling off at any other time. I didn't think anyone else experienced this. Did you get any feedback from anyone on this? Doctors or natural medicine people? Or any other people who experience this and have any suggestions on what might help? Thank you for any information you can share.
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I real your posts.  I too have had these exact same symptoms!  It started under the warmer parts of my body under my arm pits and under my belly roll!  Now it has spread to my entire body!  Whenever i try to wash my hands the skin sticks to eachother with a very tacky sensation until they become dry!. I have noticed that just after i wash the tacky skin is reddish in color and then the color goes away after it has dried for a couple of hours!  Washing with soaps don't help at all.  Even the souls of my feet are becoming tacky and sticky when I shower!  i am really getting scared  because everytime I shower it seems to worsen!  I can't seem to get clean!    has anyone had similer symptoms and had any luck treating it!  I read a poPlease help I'm desperate
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Im having the same terrible problem. I dont have diabetesv though and I have had blood work done recently. When I try to wash my face with soap or anything it always leaves a residue and my skin just feels sticky when wet until it completely dries. I can no longer where moisturisers because they simply just sit on top of my skin looking greasy and feeling sticky. It ***** alot there has to be someone who knows how to cure this, but until then I'll be praying for a miracle.
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Did anyone ever find a solution to sticky skin.  My skin feels sticky even while toweling off after a shower.

Come on Doc's.  Help us out!
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There are no doctor's on this forum only patients volunteering their time to assist other patients. Contact your local Dermatologist or try posting on the dermatology forum.
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It is the diabetes doing it. I get the exact same stickiness, but just on my neck. My neck gets sticky snout 5 minutes after eating something sweet. If I don't eat anything sweet, it just gets oily. This has only been since being diagnosed with diabetes.
I personally keep unscented baby wipes near my sofa, so I can keep cleaning my neck. Probably 3 - 4 times a day. My dermatologist told me to use the original dove soap. So sometimes I fill a small basin and use a baby size washcloth with water and dove.They are very soft.
Also if you overheat, like me, use cold water. I wash my chest area too when I wash my neck. Cold water will cool you down a few degrees. If I'm really overheated, I drink ice water, and wash with cold water and dove while I watch TV. That's why a bowl or basin is great. You can take your time, it really cools you and cleans your neck at the same time.
I've also seen photos of neck skin changes from diabetes, some peoples necks turn brown.
Hope this helps. Good luck and enjoy your basin washes. You feel great afterwards.
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My SO and I both have T2 and hers is worse because not only is there sticky skin but it gets red in places and itches terribly.  Dr took a swab and diagnosed a yeast infection between the folds/rolls.  Gave her a prescription cream.  Losing weight and getting glucose levels down must help bc I no longer get this but my armpits remain sticky so I have to use strong deodorant.  Good luck!
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My skin only feels sticky when the dew point goes above 50. But when I follow an extremely strict diet of grass fed beef, non-starchy vegetables with real butter, and spring water with lemon juice, my skin stays clean no matter how much I sweat or how humid it gets.
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A: I don't have diabetes, but glucose was over 120. I've had sticky waxy skin for over two years that kept getting worse and worse - and more painful & irritable, not not itchy.  It covered all my pores creating excessive fatigue and inability to sweat. My skin kep 'thickening' it was frightening. I finally pulled out my microscope and did agar slides & stains of the debris that kept coming off my skin in the bathroom etc.  It was fungal, I then went in to get it verified. I have a systemic Malassazia yeast infection (it's zoonotic, so if you have pets, you are they are more susceptible).  I was put on Ivermectin (15mg daily, 2 doses, skip 5 days, 2 doses_ and Ketoconazole 200mg daily for 2 months. It's almost gone 1 month later.
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I don't have an answer but my SO is Type 2 and has the same problem. He hasaid found that head and shoulders works for him so you are not alone
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I use special liquid soap made with tea tree oil it does help a lot...try Amazon thats where I get it...there are several brands i use Dr Woods
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