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test before going to doctor

Is there a test I can take before going to a Doctor to comfirm if I do have some sort of diabetes and need medical help? Don't really have the time & money to spend on a visit to a Doctor at this time.
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there is not a test that doesn't involve money.

However, if you can get a blood sugar test kit (and strips) you could test fasting blood sugar (as soon as you wake up and before eating), and 2 hours after meals.  If these numbers are high, then you would need to see a doctor.

Keep an eye out, there may be free blood sugar testing offered by some pharmacies / in malls from time to time.

Why do you think you have diabetes?  WHat are your symptoms?

In the meantime, if you even suspect a problem you need to watch what you're eating (google diabetes and diet and you'll get lots of good info), and try to exercise for at least 30 minutes to 1 hour every day.
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You also can get an HA1C test kit at Walgreens and also I believe Walmarts now that will test your blood sugar average for a period of a couple months. For a non-diabetic this number would be in the high 4.0's. For pre-diabetic it would be in the high 5.0's and anything over 6.0 is considered diabetes. At Walgreens I believe these kits are around $25.
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The store kits work quite well, but require a bit more blood that is required from normal finger sticks. Many clinics provide free diabetic screening. If you have diabetes, you MUST be under a physician's care.
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