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test results

My husband  just got his test results and have NO idea what this means so I hope someone can translate this.

Does this mean heart disease,diabetic or what.Any information wouild be great because this is the first time I have had blood test.

Thank you so much,
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One more thing should he be on some type of medication?Also he does smoke a pack aday and likes his beer and black berry brandy or jagermeister for shots.He drinks 2 days heavywhat I mean is 8beers aday and pint of booze with his beers.

Thanks again,
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Hi Marys,

I assumed your husband fasted overnight before he had his lab test performed, if that is true then he needs to see his family practice doctor or an internal medicine specialist to have these results explained to him and you. Medial advice is need to explain the possible (probable?) consequence of the test results that have an H (high) or an L (low), which means they are outside the range of what normal test results should be for a future healthy life.

I am a diabetic, have triple coronary bypass surgery and I am a recovering alcoholic. My last drink of an alcoholic beverage was on Aug 8, 1978. I use to drink just like your husband does. Although you should get this confirmed by your doctor, I think your husband is probably pre diabetic or in the early stages of diabetes type II.

Please convince him to see his doctor. One more thing---Mary, speaking from experience it will not be easy to convinve your husband to give up things (alcohol) that he enjoy.

I will pray for you and your husband.

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Your husband is considered a diabetic type 2 due to the high glucose and A1c results.  Go here for information on diabetes; how to control it, proper nutrition, and when to test.

The other values relate to his HIGH cholesterol.
Go here for an explanation of each test result:
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