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type 1 diabetes and insulin

I stopped taking insulin injections about 2 months ago and havent taken anything at  all..I have lost alot of weight but I was losing before I stopped taking insulin. I have lost 6 pant sizes but have no bad effects from the not taking insulin. should I have any symptoms from not taking the insulin by now? I don't have any thirst issues nor do I have any frequent urination issues is there anything else I should be seeing from not taking the insulin?
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I take that back. I have taken 1 to 2 injections in that 2 month span. before I was on 20 units 3 times daily I lowered the dose to 10 units 3 times a day as I lost weight because the 20 units was way to much and the last 2 months I have only taken 1 to 2 shots of 10 units each.
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and I know i'm a type 1 diabetic because I have been taking humalog and lantus for last 11 years and havent in the last 2 months with the exception of 1 or 2 injections.
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What are your sugar readings - fasting - after eating?
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128 and 143...and before when I was taking insulin for the last 11 years they have been over 200 at times..now that I am not taking anything I feel really good and I was losing weight as i was taking insulin and still losing weight after stopping insulin...
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I don't see how you could have been a type I diabetic. Your after eating blood sugar is not high. Your fasting blood sugar is a little high. What does your doctor say? Are you sure you weren't a type II diabetic?
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no, am type 1...when I first was diagnosed. my sugar was over 800 I was in hospital for a few days trying to lower it..i was constantly urinating and they tried pills first but went to humalog and lantus on a sliding scale..I've had been taking 20units 3 times a day for last 11 years. started losing alot of weight on my own and went down to 10 units twice a day and then last 2 months i've only taken 2 injections of 10 units and I dont feel bad at all. i'm still losing weight slowly
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