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type II diabetes

I am 52, over 250 lbs with cardiomyopathy & pulmonary hypertension.  My most recent bloodwork showed blood glucose of 121, which my doc says is borderline diabetic.  My sister(an RN) says that has been changed to anything over 110 is diabetic.  She also states I should have a hemoglobin 1c test and if that is over 6 than I am diabetic.  Is this correct info?
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I'm assuming you took you blood glucose test after a 10-12 hour fast? Most doctors consider 120 as the high water mark for glucose. They also consider a range of 110 to 120 as borderline, over is an indication of diabetes (hyperglycemia). Glucose can vary by the hour so doctors order the Hgb A1c test which measure your blood sugar over the past three months.
When obtaining your test result be sure to ask for the range - low and high. The test result normal range in the states is <6% but can vary by labs.
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Correction. The first sentence second 'you' should have been 'I'm assuming you took your...,' and the last sentence should have said 'The HGB A1c test result normal range is <6% in the states'. Had a minor brain fart. Apologize for the typos.
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Thanks for the info!
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