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type II with foot wound over a year old

About 3 yrs ago I was struck by a brush cutter and severely injured my ankle and cut the Achilles tendon with five hrs of emergency reconstruction we saved the foot and function. Then last summer I began to notice a red angry spot on the area just above the calcaneus which rapidly developed into a large abscess. being self -employed I rapidly was in financial distress and have been since so have been doing my own wound care. I have lanced several abscesses which have arisen from the large mass of surgical debris( several hundred small metal staples and a nail which protrudes from the bony process of the calcaneus) and must keep an open drain to allow the fluids from the tendon capsule and the tissue being destroyed by the debris. I have been to many orthopedes and have been rejected as a patient (uninsured diabetic with a foot wound...go figure ,eh?) with the common advise of when it gets real bad go to emegency. Since it all began I have beaten a MRSA infection in it and am maintaining the wound on my own.My question is, are there Dr's out there who are not afraid of taking on a problem like mine? I need either to have the mess amputated or the surgical debris removed, yet I can not find a Dr who will man up and do the work.
I live in the Eugene,OR area if anyone knows a Dr. who has the cojones to tackle my foot please let me know
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I am a bit confused...are you saying medical people left staples and other debris in your foot?  I this i true then why didnt you get a good lawyer to seek monetary recompnce for this and thus have the money to pay for the care you need? SOunds like malpractice from what you said or am I not reading you right?
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Yes it is debris left from the reconstruction that became free floating when the tendon ruptured. Consultation with 3 attorneys produced the same results . We will not take the case either because they are unwilling to face down the giant medical monster of Peace health or they feel it is simply an unfortunate consequence of the reconstruction. I am seriously considering travel to another country like Cuba to have it dealt with as the longer it continues to degrade the higher my likely hood of another infection and further damage to my organs as a result. Seriously I can hardly believe that someone who is not indigent, still is making decent money, and has a potentialy life threatening injury cannot get medical attention beyond an E-room visit.
PS in case it was in question, No I am not a drug seeker(LOL I have cut a window into my tendon capsule to push a culture swab up the sheath with nothing more than my determination and don't even take an aspirin), a bad patient, or have I insulted any doctors or done anything which could be construed as "threatening" except that I have done some surgical work removing metal( considered a mental illness by the AMA by the way, self surgery that is) and am guilty of using mexican antibiotics when I was very sick and broke from missing work due to fever. Perhaps the self treatment? My willingness to surgically remove debris as it breaks the skin?. All I know for sure is even if I need to hire a mexican Veteranarian to do the work I MUST get the debris OUT! and to date no US Dr has been willing/able to do this.
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