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type one or type two

how do you know which diabetes you have? i was on both insulin and metformin but my dr told me the pills werent doing anything. my numbers are all over the place and i have no insurance and have about 3 mos of diabetic supplies left if anyone can help me on this question too thatd be very helpful thank you
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There is a substantial number of adults who are misdiagnosed Type 2 who are in fact Type 1 or LADA which is a slow onset type 1. Some of the indications that this might be the case would be a person who was put on oral meds and they did nothing or they worked for awhile (months to a couple years) then stopped working, necessitating insulin use. Many type 1's (I'll just say type 1 which will include LADA) are thin or lose weight on diagnosis, while many (not all) type 2's are overweight. Type 1's often have another autoimmune condition such as thyroid. Type 1's are insulin sensitive and so can use lower doses than type 2's who are insulin resistant.

The main difference between type 1 and type 2 is that type 1's are insulin deficient because it is an autoimmune condition where the cells producing insulin have been destroyed, so they produce little or none of their own insulin. Type 2's may produce more insulin than normal, but they have trouble utilizing the insulin they produce because they are insulin resistant. Contrary to popular myth, type 2's never turn into type 1's. After many years (sometimes even decades) they produce less and less insulin themselves and thus need to start on insulin. Type 1's on the other hand always need to be on insulin and would die without it.

The way to definitively diagnose type is by testing for antibodies. Type 1's will have antibodies and type 2's will not. (Type LADAs, sometimes called type 1.5 will have a specific antibody called GAD). Another clue can be gained from doing a c-peptide test. This test measures how much insulin your body is actually making. But this test is less significant when it has been years since diagnosis.

Why don't you ask the doctor who was treating you which type he was treating you as? Even if you are no longer able to see him due to loss of insurance, he should have recorded which type you are and should have shared this with you when you were diagnosed.

If your doctor is right and the pills are not helping you, you need to be on insulin. I recommend you read the book Using Insulin by John Walsh which will help you understand insulin dosing. Also if you want, send me a PM and I will give you the name of a website with a lot more diabetics of both types.
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Hi, sounds like type 2 diabetes.  Copy and paste this link into your browser.
I don't know if you have a job or not or if this is keeping you from working but you may want to concider getting an attorney to help you get on disability so that you can get the medical help you need. I am on disability and my Dr. visits and medication is taken care of. Without this help I would be in a lot of trouble.
Anyways I hope this could be some kind of help to you.
Take care of yourself, hope you feel well soon.
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