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was it a seizure?

i have just come back from my duke of Edinburgh gold expedition ( 4 days of hard core walking up mountains!) and i am honestly quite scared.
I've been fainting A LOT recently, and getting headaches too. i've had hypoglycemia for a few years now, but i know how to manage it, and know what to do when my hands start shaking - and it's never been worse than fainting and feeling awful. but yesterday we had to miss lunch so i didn't eat 'till the afternoon and then i ate lots of sweet stuff and about 10 strawberry lace thingies because i thought i'd  better keep my blood glucose levels up. about 10 mins later i started to shake and had a headache and felt (absurdly) like i was buzzing. Tom, our group's first aid guy, thought i might be going hyper, so got me to walk around the camp for a while and i felt better. i fell asleep without warning at about 6 pm and didn't wake up until 6  am - and then i woke up to my friend holding my hand and feeling my forehead. she said i had been shaking violently and she couldn't rouse me. i had no memory of what was going on and asked where i was, assuming i had fainted in a field or something. she gave me a glucose tablet and i felt better, so (being a medic myself) i asked what my hands a face were doing, and she said they were both scrunched up and i had been breathing shallowly and in gasps. Tom took my pulse and it was elevated. I've never had a  seizure, and am very worried. obviously i'm going to see my doc tomorrow, but i'd just like to know what to expect. so can you tell me - was it a seizure?
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This is a seizure

"she gave me a glucose tablet and i felt better"
This sounds like what you experienced

"I've been fainting A LOT recently, and getting headaches too"
Its good you're seeing your doctor tomorrow before things worsen with your well being.
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You're welcome
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okay here's the verdict: i'v got full blown diabetes. I had another seizure (again in my sleep) and got taken to A and E. my blood glucose was down to 1.6, so i guess it's not surprising i had a seizure. I've just spent the day in hospital, and got to come home this evening when i was up to a healthy 7. I have no idea how to live with diabetes. They weren't very helpful at the hospital  - a nurse just showed me how to to a glucose test with a meter, only thing is he said the most accurate way is to do it on your finger tips. Is this true? can't a do alternative site testing? Only, i'm a 'cellist and having sore fingers makes it hard to play. And how am i meant to avoid another seizure if they keep happening in my sleep when i can't test my glucose levels and do something about it? I really hate this and i'm scared. my granddad dies from diabetes.
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Please don't be scared for diabetes is not life threatening unless you ignore how to control it. And controlling/managing diabetes is piece of cake but you and you alone must take action. Go see your doctor today, don't wait, run.

In the meantime go to your local drug store and pick up some glucose tablets. Read this web page and learn to recognize low blood sugar [glucose] symptoms and learn when to use the glucose tablets to raise your glucose levels back to normal. But by all means do as much research as you can on Hypoglycemia symptoms, treatment and control methods. If you can't locate glucose tablets, keep hard candy handy for when your glucose drops below normal.

Most home test meters require finger poking to get a drop of blood. Newer models can obtain a sample from your forearm, thigh, or abdomen. Speak with your doctor about obtaining one. And, then learn when to test [before meals and after meals] and test often until you understand what and when your glucose levels drop.
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thanks again for the advice. I'm seeing my doc tomorrow first thing and i've got humbugs by my bed just in case. thank you.
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