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which is which 1 or 2

this is my case. My mother passed on last month on 20th August, am still mourning and regretting this. she was diabetic and was put on tablets which she has taken for almost 20 years. Her mother, my grandmother is also diabetic and gets daily injection for insulin. she has lived with this injection for many years as she was diagnised before my mother and hers was recommended injection. there is also an aunt and uncle who have mild diabetes which is on and off, so i hear.
my understanding of diabetes is that type one is the injectable and 2 is the tablet treatment. i thought type one is more risky but mum had a hard time when she developed arthritis which pained her so much. she used to get drips in some of her appointments like 3-4 bottles, she died soon after getting the drip on 20th.
now i am more worried. seems this diabetes is genetical. so how can i and my sibling prevent from catching it? which is the most dangerous type? and how long is one supposed to live after contracting the disease?
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Diabetes is a difficult thing in regards to what it affects in the body and what affects it.  So many things are complicated by diabetes.  Anything having to do with the circulatory system could be compromised by diabetes.  Heart, liver, kidney disease is all complicated by diabetes.  Thyroid function is often affected by diabetes and that runs the other way too.  Thyroid function can affect diabetes.

You appear to be a bit confused on Type 1 and Type 2.  Type 1 is not the only type treated by insulin.  Google it for a could of good reads.  It would be better than me trying to explain it here.

Diabetes can be genetic.  When doing an annual check up with your doctor, make sure you are getting a thorough blood screening done and make sure you are getting an hbA1c.  

People with diabetes do often live normal, long and relatively healthy lives.  It has a lot to do with the attention you pay to it, time of diagnosis and what you do to prevent the disease furthering in your body.
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The most dangerous type of diabetes ...is they type where you dont control your BG numbers.  

left  * uncontrolled *   both types can kill.   Some think eating healthy (low glycemic carbs) and exercise can help prevent or delay T2  There is no way to prevent T1.  T1 is a disease  where you body thing the insulin producing cells in your pancreas are invading. so your immune system KILLS your insulin producing cells.

T1s  MUST use insulin or die.
T2s  can use pills and or insulin too.
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