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with 50.00 a wk for groceries&3ppl

I seriously need some tips, ideas, sites or anything that will help us. Yes, we are guilty of eating bologna, hotdogs, mac n cheese, potatoes and cornbread. How can you eat healthy on a very small budget? I have thought about drinking those cans of like generic ensure for diabetics. walmart has them 12 for $7. So that would be 6 cans a day...then we would just have dinner. I really need help!
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With a small budget you need to go for in-season produce, which tends to be more cost effective than anything that's travelled far.  

Make sure you are getting the best possible nutrition for your money.   Don't buy sugary processed foods / or anything that's heavily processed.

Keep you eyes peeled for specials.  Often some shops will have markdown on certain foods on some days of the week.

Sometimes fruits and vegetables can be marked down if they are 'shop soiled' or have marks of them, but this doesn't necessarily affect the quality.

Oatmeal is cheaper than most packaged cereals, and healthier.

Dried beans and lentils are lower cost and cook up for hearty meals - when you use these you may also use less meat.

Go for pure meats rather than bologna and hot dogs, which really give you very poor quality of protein (plus lots of fillers).  Minced beef or pork can be used.  You can add oatmeal to these to pad them. Cheaper cuts of meat need to be cooked for longer but if you have slow cooker, these can be cost -effective.

Bakeries often sell day old or 2 day old bread more cheaply.

Brown rice is filling, lower carb and healthier.

Buy the non-branded foods.  Milk powder, baked beans, etc.  This saves you paying for packaging and often the products are nearly identical.

Google low cost nutritious meals / receipes.  keep things as unprocessed as possible.

HOpe this can hekp.
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Thank you so much for your response. I'm not sure what minced meat is though...? I wish someone would come out with a show like.....Rachael Ray's 30 meals for Poor Folks! lol Her $5 and $10 meal which is usually a plate for one, arent that cheap if you add it up for a week! lol     thanks again!
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Minced meat is our australian term for "ground beef", or ground pork.

You can go for cheaper cuts of meat - these may need to be cooked longer though....and try to get cuts with less fat.

Again, you want to get the best possible value for your money.

Eggs are relatively lower cost, and nutritious.  They can also be filled out with cooked rice.  Home brand frozen peas and corn may be a good buy too, and relatively cheap.

Fried rice, if you use local ingredients (egg, a little ground beef or pork, chopped carrots, chopped beans or frozen peas, any other veges  you have that need using) can be filling and nutritious.  Make the fried rice with brown rice if possible and it will be even more filling.

Sometimes butchers will sell the bones (with some meat on them still) for a very low cost.  Get them to cut them so the marrow can get o ut, and then you can cook these long and slow (slow cooker I guess would be most cost effective compared to gas) and use them as the base for a meal.  Chicken carcass for soup - also the same thing.

I guess you'll have to read up and do homework, and look around for what is best time to buy what.  

Look for food coupons in magazines, newspapers, etc.  i think you have them in the US, right?  Then  use these, but only for foods that are going to be value foods.

Save on toilet paper by using a Tabo.  Tabo is a little bucket so instead of wiping with toilet paper, wash with water, and pat dry with a handtowel.

You can also make soem low cost home products for cleaning.  Look on line.  Many of these use vinegar and baking soda, and plain soap as the base. Much cheaper than commercial products.  This may give you some more available cash to allocate for food and other essentials.

Clothing - go to St. Vincent De Paul / Salvation Army etc.
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