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In regards to glucose levels?

Every site seems to have different ranges for what is normal and abnormal with fasting or non-fasting levels. I am somewhat confused, last night before bedtime 5.5 hrs after my meal, I had one cup of soda or Dr. Pepper. Do you think that is pre diabetes or Diabetes type 2 if it was at 154 mg/dl or does it not count? I was also diagnosed pre diabetic of 108 mg/dl, fasting all day 3 weeks back. This morning before breakfast it was 70 mg/dl. Is that normal?
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Whoops sorry no I am not pregnant. Okay that makes sense.
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There are several ways you can diagnose diabetes. Your level last night after one cup of soda is more representative of a random blood glucose. A random glucose of >200mg/dL with symptoms of diabetes is diagnostic of Type 2 Diabetes. Therefore, from that one measure, you do not have Type 2 Diabetes.

However, your fasting sugar is within the pre-diabetic range.

Are you pregnant? You posted in the gestation diabetes section which is diabetes within pregnancy.

Hope that helps!
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