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Ketone testing

My diabetes educator is now making me do a Irvine ketone test once daily. She said to call of moderate or higher. I am not sure I understand this test or what the results mean? Any input?
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I am pregnant and they have been below moderate or high. They only told me to test once per day in the morning. It just feels like so much tontest 4 times daily after I eat, test in the morning and exercise.
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Hi Sirocco,

are you also testing your blood sugars?  

What are your blood sugar numbers?

It will be important to keep your blood sugars normal.

It is actually quite normal to have ketones in the morning after fasting all night, during pregnancy.

Ketones are typically a concern if and when blood sugars are also high.

Presence of ketones after fasting (with normal blood sugar levels) is known as nutritional ketosis.

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Hi, high ketones means you are burning fat.  This is not unusual in pregnancy.  Are you diabetic?  Most important will be to control your blood sugars and keep them in the target ranges.

When I was pregnant I always had high keetones in the morning (fasting). This is quite normal and is only a concern if your blood sugars are also high.

best you test your ketones a few hours after eating.

Hope this answers your question .
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