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A1c results

Got a1c reading 6.1 am I diabetic
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Hi there.  Sory fo the delay in getting back to you.

There's no way we can tell you that, of course.  Most times, just an A1c reading alone won't be enough to give you a diagnosis of diabetes, or pre-diabetes.

Some docs would be ok with a reading of 6.1, depends on the history.  A person who has been a brittle diabetic would be thrilled with that value.  For someone who isn't diagnosed, it may be considered to be a bit higher than optimnal.

Work with your doctor to look into this.  Be sure to ask any questions you have to your doctor also.  Come back and update us!
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Thanks for getting back to me on this. I spoke to some of the doctors ( who happen to be my classmates) They all agree that the reading is not of a diabetic person. Also I had done some random Plasma glucose test readings were 103 and 116.
On the 29th of sept did a fasting blood glucose ,reading was 99 ( on 8 hour fasting). Being confused repeated the test on 30th but with 12 hour fasting it the reading was 107.(all test done at the same lab).
Now I am monitoring my blood sugar using glucometer getting normal readings. Occassionaly when i am tense and under stress getting readings which are above 140. Will keep you posted.
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a truely normal HBA1c will be < 5.0.  A reading of 6.1 means that your average blood sugars (over the past 3 months) have been too high.  Considering that the cut off for a diagnosis is 7.0 you are not yet considered diabetic.  However, for health it is necessary to intervene now to perhaps prevent a future diagnosis.

Fasting blood sugars should ideally be < 95 (and truely normal is the low to mid 80s).  Your reported fasting levels would make you 'prediabetic'.  

To reverse this regular physical activity (ideally daily at least 30 minutes, more if possible).  Lose weight if overweight, avoid and portion control on carbs and sweets.  A low carb diet is most effective for many.

Keep monitoring and repeat A1C at least every 3 - 6 months to see your progress.
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  I walk about 3 miles a day and have also lost about 10 pounds. Lets See how things turn up. I am optimistic about this. Have been monitoring the blood sugar level using a glucometer. Will report finding next week when I go for fasting test again as per doctors advice
Thanks for the reply and all the help
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did another A1c today and got a result of 6.0
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