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Anyone know of good diets for pre diabetics that are also good for the liver?

Hi, I am looking for a good diet for pre diabetics that also is okay on my liver. High levels of AST, ALT, and Albumin. I eat healthy and workout six days a week. In fact lost 12 pounds since January and now weigh 141. do not drink more than once a year, so any suggestions on a good diet to prevent type 2?
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Hello!  Welcome to medhelp.  Sorry you haven't gotten an answer to your question.  Sounds like you are a very thoughtful person about your health which is great and cograts on losing some weight.  I'm working on that myself!  I have gotten into the DASH diet.  It's recommended by the American Heart Association and is great for your health.  However, it's really for prevention of hypertension, it's also good overall.  So, for diabetes specific, there ARE dietary rules to follow. Here is a link to diabetes.org that discusses eating choices.  http://www.diabetes.org/food-and-fitness/food/what-can-i-eat/

You may find that source really helpful.  But in general, eat plenty of fiber, whole grains, eat more vegetables, have protein at your meals, be careful of alcohol (as you are) and limit sugar.  

Most important is to maintain a healthy weight and to exercise.  Let me know what other kind of info you'd like!  I'm happy to try to help!
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Best diet for people with prediabetes is one that is lower in carbs, with adequate protein and healthy fats for energy.  Some people follow paleo or keto type diets.  These also can work well, and reduce blood sugars / requirements for medications.  Please do educate yourself well on these.   The current trend for ketogenic diet is limit carbs, adequate protein and enough healthy fats to make up energy requirements.
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I hope it could help turmeric is a good food supplement for our body to help stay healthy and helps fights other kinds of disease with proper diet it has anti oxidants that helps us to fight cancer .
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Knowing how to eat for diabetes is a learning curve!  Here's an article about snacking the smart way with diabetes and health in mind.  We can have great impact on our overall health through our nutrition and eating habits.  https://www.medhelp.org/nutrition/articles/Smart-Snack-Swaps-for-Diabetes/2522  ;

You can still indulge even when being mindful!
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