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Blood Sugar

HI 48 year old male, 5 feet 8 inches. 164 lbs. Recently had blood test , Blood sugar came back 128m/dl. Doctor has not recommended any medicines . He suggested to exercise and control the diet. Day before the test had a pasta lunch with cola and small pasta fried fish dinner with 2 drinks(alcoholic). dinner complete at 9.00pm. Also had a antidepressant for sleep. Went the next morning for test around 8.am. Is it possible for my test to be wrong given the previous days gluttony.
thanks in advance and awaiting your reply.
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so your fasting blood sugar was 128!  This is already  high enough to qualify as diabetes if the number were seen again on another fasting result.

I don't think your test is wrong (though it could be affected by your previous day's diet), and in any case it is far higher than it should be (Normal fasting is in the low 80s, with acceptable level being < 95).  128 is far higher than acceptable level.

I am not very happy that your doctor has recommended diet and exercise alone, without doing any further testing.

The reason is that a fasting number doesn't give a full picture of what is happening.  You may have a high fasting number, but normal numbers the rest of the day.  In this case you have something called dawn phenomenon and probably a low dose of a medication such as metformin would be helpful.

However,you may have high fasting blood sugars and even higher numbers the rest of the day.  This case is much more serious.

Your doctor should test your HbA1c. This test gives an average blood sugar over the past approximately 3 months.  Normal HBA1C is 4.3 - 4.6, with < 5.0 still being acceptable.  If your HBA1C is 6 - 7 your blood sugars are too high.  If it is above 7 you will be officially diagnosed as diabetic.

Diet, exercise and weight loss are all a critical part of management of diabetes.

I would also recommend you ask for a prescription for meter and test strips so you cna conduct some of your own testing.  Testing times should be fasting and then 2 hours after eating.  By doing this you will also learn which foods make your blood sugars high (and you can then avoid them).  if your blood sugars stay high even with lifestyle measures then medications (oral such as metformin, or injected insulin if your sugars were very high) would be recommended.

Please read up on diabetes and it's management.  I would strongly recommend you consider adopting a lower carb diet, exercise daily (ideally a minimum of 30 - 60 minutes), and normalise weight.

Hope this helps.
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Hmmm.. a further thought.

You don't seem to be overweight based on your reported height and weight.

I would feel happier if your doctor also considered further testing:-

C-peptide and Fasting Blood Sugar (FBS)
- if c-peptide is low and FBS is high would indicate possible lack of insulin production. Further testing for antibodies should be done (to determine type 1 or 2 diabetes).
- if c-peptide is high and FBS is high would tend to indicate type 2 diabetes.
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Thanks for the reply. Yesterday I tested my glucose level after lunch ie almost at 4 hours after lunch . I came to 113. Any Thoughts
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a reading of 113 4 hours after lunch is still too high. By that long after eating levels should be back to fasting levels and  140.  YOur target should be < 120 (and ideally < 100).

Let us know.  
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my doctor has asked me to take another blood test after 3 months. I have started using Fenugreek seeds in the morning and do get random tests done 2 Hours after eating the other day i did a full plasma Random glucose test  the result was 116. Lets see if I can lower my levels from the original 128 Fasting.
Will keep you posted. Btw I am travelling to my native land hence the delay in replying to your post.
Thanks a Lot for all the help.
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Hi. I was diagnosed diabetic in 2008. My BMI was 38, weighed 213 at 5'3. My fasting was 170 ish. After meals it was between 250-450. I started one metformin (500mg) a day. Over the last two and a half years, I've lost 74 pounds. I'm now 137-140 lbs with a "normal"BMI. My fasting sugars now are between 115 - 128, depending on my diet. At the 2 hour mark, my sugars are consistently between 102-136. Before I eat, they're about 92-97. I go for an Ac1 in July, but so anxious to know how I'm doing now. Any thoughts?
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