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Blood sugar

Hi i m male 29.weight 95 kg.my question is regarding my blood sugar.5 days ago randomly after heavy dinner i checked my bs and home gluco meter said 225 after almost 2 hours.then i checked half hour later and it was 182 after 3 and half hours it was 103.225 was high so in morning i went to lab with gluco meter and they picked blood from vein and tested on gluco meter ist it was 103 and in lab 87.lab technician told me that go home eat drink tea with sugar and come back after two hours.i did it and went to lab and result was 80.i went to my doc who is not a specialist in diabetes said do hba1c and result was 5.5.he said moniter your bs for 2 3 days last night i checked after one and half hour after dinner and glucometer reading was 248.and in less then 5 minutes i checked with another and reading was 117.so my question is can home gluco meter reading wrong and how much margin for erorr.and 5.5 what indicate.m currently on some antibiotics for h pylori infection and also taking beta blockers for hypertension plus medicine for depression. I add some thing i m from pakistan and glucometers and strips aren't upto mark like in us europe.i checked because of headache and urinating alot that time.i usually drink alot water and pee alot.
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Meters have a 20% error.  usually 2 reading so close together (248 and 5 minutes later 117)  means the finger was contaminated...  DId you wash and dry with a CLEAN towel?

ask for a OGTT (oral glucose tolerance test)  they give you a glucose drink and test your BG every 15 or 20 minutes for 2 or 3 hours.  that will give you the best info on how well your body processes carbs.  With an A1c of 5.5 your in the Pre-diabetes camp.  Many of us dont beleave in pre-diabetes, we think your diabetic and your pancreas still works a little.
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you are 29 so diabetes not likely. usually happen when you 45 or older. 5.5 a1c is also not diabetic or even pre diabetic. most likely meter is broken. lab result showed normal sugar so i think that is right
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