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Blood sugar question.

Once i went to the emergency, they took my glucose and as the result was 120 ( and they told that i can be pre diabetes). My reason to going to emergency room was high blood pressure ( not high sugar in the blood).
But i ate 1 banana before giving the blood test, i was waited in emergency for 5 hours and was extremely tired and hungry. ( but i`m not sure). ( Not Fasting)

The next time when i was giving Blood Test i had blood sugar 95. ( not fasting)

But i tested 1 time my blood sugar as fasting:
The first time was 89

Right know i tested my blood sugar 2-3 hours after light meal ( vegetables) my sugar was 80.

The reason why i`m checking my blood sugar is that i had a stress  some period of time and after i started to feel sweaty palms and legs symptoms.
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I tested one more time and its 72 mg
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your BG is just fine  banana and stress can raise BG
I tested one more time now and its 82 .
Can i trust "Freestyle Precision Neo" test?
I am sorry i never did this before, that`s why i dont know how they are accurate.

Do i need to make any other tests to be sure?

A level of 82 is totally normal.  yes, you can trust the result from the Freestyle Precision Meter.   It is a quality meter.

Normal blood sugars typically range from 70 - 120, and not above 140 as a maximum.
Hello, Can you please let me know what is Ketone test strips and what they are used for?
I ate a half of a meal and checked blood sugar in 10-15 minutes after a meal. And it was 99
After i waited for 2 hours and checked my blood sugar again and it showed 85.
Is it a normal/healthy change? Does it supposed to drop lower?
P.s. I ate a little bit of a soup and a half portion of salad
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I tested multiple times and  numbers was from 74 to 82
Normal.  please don't worry.  Eat balance diet with plenty of unprocessed foods, manage weight, and exercise regularly.
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