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C-peptide, Insulin, Hemoglobin glycated results to confirm

Hemoglobin glycated 5.70 [4.80-6.00] %
Insulin 11.7 [2.6-24.9] mU/l
C-peptide 2.35 [1.10-4.40] ng/ml
glucose tolerance test [5.04; 7.54; 8.39; 6.15]  mmol/l
glucose in blood are between 5.5 - 6.2

All results are before eating.

Doctors even that results are in labolatory norm, not all of them are good. Is that true?
I also heard that stress can increase glucose level and insulin. But could also C-peptide be elevated by stress?
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Your hba1c is at the prediabetic cutoff.

Fasting insulin is about mid-range.  

Your glucose tolerance test shows slightly high results for the 2,3 and 4 readings.

Your Doctor is correct that even though the results are within 'normal' range, they are not optimal.  I would consider that you are early type 2 diabetes with results such as you have gotten.

Now is your ideal opportunity to prevent this by normalizing weight if overweight, adopting lower carb eating, and increasing physical activity.

Do keep regular monitoring; hba1c is particularly useful to monitor trending every 6 months.

A home glucose meter, used to test blood sugar 2 hours after eating, may be used to guide food choices, so that you take foods that keep your blood sugars below 120 (6.6) all the time.

Hope this helps.
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