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Can I reverse my insulin spike to normal?

Hello friends,
I recently tested for the following and results next to them
Insulin,Fasting,Serum: My result value is: 14.6    Reference range is U/ml     5.0  - 10.0
Insulin PP (2hrs),Serum: My result value is: 80.2  Reference range is U/ml    29  -   80

These are my abnormal results, I'm 29 Male, 172 CM height and 99KG in weight.
All these quarantine i was eating excessive sugary and random junk foods. I developed a small alergy for that my physician asked me to take the insulin levels of my blood. This turned out to the shocking abnormal result. I'm at risk? if so if i lose 20-30kilos these spike in blood can be reveresed? Please answer,

Thanks in Advance
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Hello and welcome. As you clearly see, diet plays a role in our insulin production. Your daily habits and changes you make for them for the better will improve your numbers most likely. Please speak to your doctor about this for guidance specific to you.  

This article may help you as well.  https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/14-ways-to-lower-insulin#:~:text= 14 Ways to Lower,amounts of insulin...

Your dietary choices are important to be mindful about. Things like a more low carb diet are often recommended. Limit sugar. Watch portion control and maintain a healthy BMI weight. Also, regular physical activity helps if your doctor feels you are up to that.  
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Your high insulin levels are a good warning for you about the need to change your diet.  High insulin now may lead to a diagnosis of diabetes in the future.  High insulin levels also increase risk for heart disease and other illnesses.

Fortunately it is pretty easy to change insulin levels, though it does take some lifestyle changes.

Most important is to cut sugar intake.  But not just sugar, also carbs (which come from grains, starchy veges, and also fruit), and particularly those from processed foods.

Losing weight and increasing physical activities can greatly assist in reducing insulin levels as well.

Please come and ask more questions if we can help further..  
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