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Have symptoms of both hyperclycemia and hypoglycemia? (so far non-diabetic)

I have been having problems that seem to be from blood sugar fluctuations.  At times I have low blood sugar levels and experience the typical sweating, weakness, dizziness, confusion and such. (also have the occasional nightime drop- waking soaked in sweat) these symptoms are typically resolved by eating.  Though I also have problems that seem to be from blood sugar levels being too high after eating possibly from high carb meals (pasta, potatoes) and definitely after eating any sugary items.  As I am not a diabetic that I am aware of so I was looking into the hypo/hyper glycemias but all the information I have found would suggest that you either have high BS or low BS, but not really both. I seem to have problems with both? I begain having irregular heartbeats about 6 months ago and without health insurance, could only afford so many tests which only turned up PVC's (premature ventricular contractions). I am beginning to notice a corealation to the PVCs and my eratic blood sugar reactions, though cant find any info online to tie them together.  I also have the extreme thirst and frequent urination normally associated with diabetes, yet as mentioned have not been diagnosed as diabetic- the few blood tests I have had show perfectly normal fasting blood sugar levels (85). My ob/gyn found blood traces in my urine which could be my kidneys but I cant afford the specialists and tests, so am needing to find out as much as I can on my own.  any leads would be appreciated.
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Hey Seeksinfo 1!  I am the mom of a type 1 diabetic, not a medical professional so the information you receive here is just an opinion.  I can sympathize with your insurance situation, but I am hoping that you can find a clinic somewhere that will do the proper testing that you require for a correct diagnosis and get the treatment you need.  Your symptoms could be signs of diabetes (you did not mention how long ago you had your blood glucose checked).  People with diabetes have fluctuating blood sugar levels, both high and low, as they are dependent on the insulin that they inject to regulate those levels.  You may possibly have something going on with your pancreas that is creating those symptoms, or it could be something altogether different.  Please ask one of the physicians that you have already seen to refer you to a clinic that will see you without insurance.  Good luck to you!
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Thank you for the advice, I appreciate your taking the time to respond.  I havent had much luck with finding a clinic here for people in my situation. I somehow manage to pay my bills so am not eligible for any assistance or "indigent care"- were I indigent it wouldnt be a problem.  I do manage, I just dont have the thousands they want for medical care these days. My ob/gyn wants me to see a specialist but just dont see how I can swing it.  (Am still paying off the ER from April when the heart thing started!) But if this continues, I will have no choice and will have to break out the charge cards and do it.  I am concerned about diabetes despite the fasting levels being so good. (that was tested twice in April and again in August). Thanks again for your advice. Seeksinfo1
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The easiest way to find out what is going on would be to buy blood sugar meter/testing strips (you can get them anywhere w/o Rx) and test and record for a few days.  Test your fasting #, 2 hrs. after breakfast, lunch and dinner and right before lunch and dinner also.  Test also when you are symptomatic (ex. test if you feel shaky to confirm if you are really experiencing hypoglycemia or not).  From what I understand the post-prandial readings (after meals) are the ones to fail first.  So you could go years having after meal spikes before your fasting #s become high also.  

Often in the beginning stages of diabetes the pancreas will start to fail.  Normally you would eat something and your pancreas would put out insulin to take care of the sugar.  When your pancreas is starting to fail, you may eat something and your sugar may get pretty high before your pancreas finally puts out insulin and often it puts out too much insulin and thus your blood sugar will drop too low.  So you could experience quite a roller coaster ride of ups and downs.

A fast -acting insulin should curb the high and thus prevent the overshooting of insulin thus preventing the ending low also.

Log some records for a week and if they are out of range then you should follow up with a dr.  There are three ways of dx.
1.  fastings above 125
2.  random reading over 200 (so you should never go above 200)
3.  reading over 200 during an oral glucose tolerance test--at the 2 hr. mark or later.

You should be under 140 at the 2 hr. post prandials and I believe under 110 before meals ( you can look this up for sure on the American Diabetes Website)
good luck
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You may be developing Type II diabetes.  You definitely do want to get a glucose meter and strips.

Best way to keep Type II under control is to control your carb intake.  You need to eat 5 meals a day and limit those meals to 15 grams of carbs or less.  Check out the ADA's diet suggestions.

The diets are really easy to follow.  IT was maddening to me to think I would lose weight eating 5 times a day (I usually only ate one big meal) but it really works and keeps my glucose levels in line.

Some of those five "meals" can be snacks as in a bit of fruit and some cheese.  Your body needs a consistent flow of protein and to avoid huge carb influxes.  Don't buy the expensive drinks and stuff and DON'T assume that diet foods fit within the ADA guidelines.  Read labels and watch the carbs - you'll be shocked how many carbs are in some diet drinks!

There are a few popular diets and their prepackaged meals that work okay for the Type II diabetic - South Beach is okay for the most part (not all of it), Atkins is okay.  Read the ADA's web site and you'll get some great info.

If you do have Type II this will have to be a lifestyle change and regardless of insurance, diet and carb control is what every doctor will tell a Type II diabetic is the most critical thing to do.  We can't take insulin - that's not our problem.  We manufacture insulin but our cells don't absorb it.  We have to be vigilant on watching our intake so we don't overload the system.

I don't know if any of this made sense or not but I've spent the entire afternoon with my son and his new pediatric endocrinologist discussing why his possible Type I is so different than my Type II.  My brain is a bit fried, sorry.
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I have exactly what you are describing. Essentially, irregular heart beats or PVC's more so than ever and I know its because my blood sugar is completely out of sinc. I get irregular beats when too low and too high... Strange. My guess is that you like me are in prestages of diabetis. I was told to excercise, eat well and loose fat around the stomach area which I do carry. Diet, weight loss, and excercise and three critical factors.

Having said this, it feels like **** these days...good luck.
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Thanks so much for the feedback, I appreciate the advice! I do plan to get the meter and testing strips this week and try to get a handle on this craziness! I do carry excess weight - tho am working on it- and am obviously am concerned about diabetes (hence my joining in on this site!). I know how serious it can be, but as my initial posting indicated am not knowledgeable about it and thought that it would be  either high- or low, did not know it went both ways. I greatly appreciate ya'll taking time to post the great advice, and I plan to take it! thanks again, seeksinfo1
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I'm having same problem and under Dr care , they are running all test and will have answers on test tomorrow... but dr thinking diabetic...
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This is a very old post.  You might want to sstart a new post so we can easily see your comments.  Let us know how you go once you get results back.
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