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High Post Meal Readings, but Normal OGTT?

Hi. I posted this question on the type 2 board, with limited replies or success. Maybe I will have more success here. Diabetes is in my family. So I've become a bit more careful with diet and exercise. I got a meter for periodic checks. I always fast around 73-78. Yet after carby meal(pizza, burgers and fries), I tend to go up between 140-180. I HATE sticking my finger, and get worked up thinking about doing it at 2 hours. I'm sure sticking myself effects me, as if I stick myself then check 3 times in a row I see a steady rise. Anyway. I saw the Dr. I had normal fasting, and a A1C of 5.5. After pushing some, I got a glucose tolerance test. At 1 hour I tested at 118. At 2 hours I was at 98. This is confusing. I tested again after a carby meal, was 161 at 2 hours. So curious, upon waking one day, I drank a 20oz coke with slightly less carbs given in a glucose test(I think 65). I checked, and sure enough, had similar normal readings like in the glucose tolerance test. My Dr. Said its likely just because I stress about testing, its effecting food digestion, and the stress hormones are raising blood sugars more when I'm trying to digest a carb load. He seems to think that since my body handled the liquid carb load in both the glucose test he gave me, and the 20oz coke I drank, that I am fine. He said when I'm not stressing out and testing, I am likely in normal level. I did test spur of the moment one day after lunch. I ate a box of fries and a cheesesteak, and 1 hour and 45 minutes later, I had a reading of 99. My Dr. Suggested I stop stressing and testing or I will cause issues. He said just test my fasting every 3-6 months. And if I wanna check postprandial, try with a coke again.

Does this sound normal? Can freaking out and stressing cause a post meal spike in a nondiabetic? Just curious and hope to put my mind at ease. Thanks.

I don't eat junk anymore. I'm now strictly on healthy diet such as chicken breast, fish, sweet potatoes, barley, steel cut oats, and so on.
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see I took professional classes on this. What normal helath critics won't tell you high fat foods slow the absorption of sugar. So what highfat that you wouldn't except to raise blood sugar tacos, I know this because I was required to wear a tracker of my blood sugar that gave updates every 5 minutes to a machine it sounds ridiculous but things like pizza canned, soup, condensed milk, pie, cake, spaghetti ,ravioli and other snacky foods raise your sugar. but generally they take several hours to do so so it will not hit you right away so wait a couple hours to test to see what you need to do. Where as things like soda juice or candy will hit you instantly. oh and they have groups in Houston for diabetes both support groups and ones that keep you updated on new technology because some of the new teatsers and lacentes are less painful. You should know there are about 5 places to test Also yes hormones illness excessive diet and life cycles affect your blood sugars. if you have trouble with courting carbs there is an ap on the iphone I heard of a few years back that helps you coutn up at restaurant or estimate. finally if your sugars are still high apple cider vinegar cinnamon help with lowering sugars and fighting off infection due to lack of imunity Gymnema Sylvestre is a herb known for its use on helping with sugar cravings and lowering blood glucose as well as gensing and there a few others to make you feel as though you are satisfied simply by the herbs effect to stimulate certain chemical in your brain. if you do get cravings I would recommend getting some high fiber bread or eat pcyillium husk it can help add fiber to you diet and help you feel full.
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Thanks for the reply. I did know fat and protein can delay the spike. Wasn't sure if it can cause an even higher spike.
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