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High(ish) Fructosamine in labs

I just had a medical done for life insurance.

My Glucose result was 60 (low - expected range 70-109 mg/dL) but my Fructosamine level came back as 1.83 (high - expected range 1.20-1.69 mmol/L).

The results guide that came with the lab said that a high level is indicative of diabetes and that kinda freaks me out.

What should I make of this test? I had just eaten breakfast not long before the blood test, so I'm not sure if that changes anything.

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I forgot to mention that my HEMOGLOBIN A1C was 5.0.
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Your hba1c of 5.0 is normal.  If the fructosamine test was supposed to be fasting, then your having breakfast before the test could affect the result.  Hope this can be reassuring to you.  Please also follow up with your doctor.
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