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I need help to understand diabetes please

I recently started taking Metformin perscribed by my kidney specialist. I don't think they are working. I have cut back a lot on my sugar intake. Trying to use altrenatives like organic stavia for my cups of tea n things. How long do they take to kick in? I have 1 twice a day. Can anyone recommend something yummy that may include Greek yoghurt that I can incorporate fruit in with along with fiber. Is this Metformin for pre diabetes or am I a 1 or a 2.

I understand these are all questions that I could ask my specialist but I don't go back to see him for another 5 weeks.

Can diabetes be a symptom or your liver and gallbladder not working properly?

Hoping someone could help me with answers to my questions and maybe even give me a little more onsite from someone who has been through what I'm going through right now.

Thank you xxxx
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HI Sorry your here

Diabetes is your bodies inability to control its BG (blood sugar).  Your body can make BG from protein, fat but mostly carbohydrates...  ALL carbs raise BG not just sugar.

people with T1 require insulin or they will die in a couple of days so unless your writing this from a hospital bed your a T2.

Metforman (met) is used for pre diabetes diabetes as well as other things like, proteckting kidneys.  Met can take up to 6 weeks to work on your BG.

Do You know if your diabetic? or just assuming so because your getting Metforman?
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Hi diabetes86,

Thank you so much for replying. You have helped me understand it a lot better now. I had a kidney transplant back in 2014 and was warned that this might happen due to steroids n things. I believe that I am pre diabetic and my specialist has placed me on met to help control my BG. I will wait and give it a couple of weeks. It seems to be doing a little better now and I will do my best to work on my carbs too. Xx
steroids  are known to cause diabetes.
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