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I think this is a gene


In 1957 I probably had an autoimmune reaction (think what happens when you get type 1 diabetes).   In 1964 I took a glucose tolerance test because I get hypoglycemia many hours after eating too much sugar/starch/alchol  (S).  It was
70 1/2 hr 130 1 hr 175 2 hr 185 extended 3 hr 100 very minor low sugar episode about 4 hr. (no reading).   My A1C has been about 6 since the test has been invented.  My highest fasting blood sugar has been 90.   Am I prediabetic?
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Hba1c of 6 will get you a diagnosis of prediabetes.

However it is good that it does not seem to change over time.

Stay vigilent about your health, be aware that carbs can contribute to higher blood sugar so a lower carb diet may be helpful in managing  blood sugars.
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Prediabetic is a label for having BG problems your 185 is high and so is your A1c    An A1c of 5.7 to 6.4 is prediabetis (on two separate tests)
while your fasting is OK  you clearly have problems with carbohydrates they raise your BG and then you crash after.  reducing your carbs will reduce your post meal  BG spike and that may reduce your hypoglycemic reactions.  

You eat carbs your pancreas makes insulin but does not shut off so you go hypoglycemia.
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