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I'm pre-diabetic, how many carbs should I have a day?

My homeopath diagnosed me as pre-diabetic, and said that its best to only have 50 grams of carbs a day. Is this a reasonable carb intake?
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I eat under 50gr of carbs a day.  
Reasonable or not depends on who you ask.  We do know  carbs are what your body turns to Blood Glucose (BG).  Dont confuse the carb with the stuff its mixed with, vitamins, minerals.  All those are available in other foods without the carbs.
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Would be best to get a blood sugar meter and to use it to determine what foods do and don't affect your blood sugars.  To do this, test about 90 minutes to 2 hours after eating and see what your blood sugars are.  Target is < 120, though ideally < 100.
Low carb is used by many to help control blood sugar levels.  Whether you can eat 50 g of carbs per day, or more, or less will depend on your sugar levels.
When eating low carb, most of your carbs will come from non-starchy vegetables.  Grains and sweetened foods, and even most fruits will be very limited if at all.   To ensure you have enough calories with this approach, you need to eat higher fat foods (healthy fats - this is unprocessed fats such as cream, butter, olive oil, coconut oil, fatty fish, meats, nuts, avocado).  Avoid vegetable oils as these are highly processed and not so healthy.  And also eat quality protein.

Paleo approach or mediteranean (without the potato, pasta, bread, etc) would be examples of the approach.
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50g of carbs a day is a good place to start. I personally eat a Ketogenic diet of 20g or less net carbs a day. Most of my diet comes from meat, cheese and non-starchy vegetables. The high levels of fat in my diet help keep me satiated and promotes weight loss. I also tend to avoid artificial sweeteners as much as possible. I eat gluten free and grain free.
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I am for this for carb intake:
Breakfast 6g
Lunch 12g
Dinner 12g
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Go full Keto, bro!

I did and am shedding even more weight than when I did <500 cal a day liquid diet!

Be warned, there is a "Keto flu" phase. But think of it as your initiation to greater energy and health.
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