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Life style choices to prevent Type 2 diabetes!

what things do you do or know of (and need to then do more of) to help prevent diabetes?  
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Type 2 diabetes has a genetic component and a very large lifestyle component.  Type 2 diabetes can be reversible with the following measures (I have seen this happen with many people)

1) Low carb diet (ketogenic approach if diabetes is severe, low carb / paleo style if not so severe), avoiding all added sugars, limiting or eliminating sweet fruits and starchy vegetables.
2) Weight loss to optimal level (keto / low carb helps greatly with this).
3) Exercise - regular.
4) Stress management
Beware about Ketogenic, it lacks long term studies to demonstrate if it's actually an healthy behavior. The sole concept on cutting simple sugars is a great idea, but cutting too much on complex ones will do more harm than good!
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Just eat proper diet eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and i hope it help turmeric is known miracle spice and have health benefits in our body
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Besides everything mentioned above, checking HbA1c once a year is very useful in monitoring for prevention :)
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