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Reactive Hypoglycemia

Hello! Thanks for reading my first post. It’s taken me two years, but I think I figured out that I have reactive hypoglycemia. I’m F, 38 always been super healthy and focused on health. Right before or during my period, if I don’t eat enough or on time I get hypoglycemic. If I eat dinner too late, reactive hypoglycemia happens. It’s a horrible feeling! So a little juice or sugar water stops the trembling/anxiety/sweating/fainting/weak feeling, and I try to eat something fatty like butter and honey mixed real good in hot water and maybe some protein and that stops the episode. However, my ‘Dr’ said I have anxiety and tried putting me on meds. I got a blood sugar monitor and my blood sugar is in the normal ranges accept when I’m on my period or right before my period and it’s all over the place. I never took those anxiety pills and I’m firing that Dr. I had a huge ovarian cyst burst a few years ago then came colon pain and issues but that’s the only health problem I’ve ever had aside from urinate tract infections. This is just too weird. Keto and fasting when I’m not on my period really makes it so when my period comes I’m not shaking too hard and going through what feels like anxiety attacks hung over and vomiting. Any ideas? Thyroid? Adrenals? Hormones?
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Hm. This is very interesting.  First, so, IF this only happens when you have your cycle and IF you can control it with the food ways you've been doing so, why treat it as anxiety with medication? For real.  You are managing it. I'm not anti anxiety/mental health medication by any means but if you can do something else, why wouldn't you just be encouraged to do that?!  Our hormones control a lot of things.  If you stay on top of it so you KNOW that you may feel bad like this during your period, what about just mindfully taking care of it with the food ways you have been?  Thyroid is related to hormones.  And likely, you'd have more symptoms than just during your period.  Blood work would show that.  I'm older than you and I will tell you that I get three full days of unrelenting anxiety before my period now and my doctor said it is my hormones triggering it.  It's like clock work.  I also get mega insomnia then too.  Since I know it is coming, I plan for it and don't get anxious that it is going to happen. Feels bad but then it's over.  I can deal with it.  If I couldn't? then maybe I'd need medication.  When is the last physical you've had? they can rule out prediabetes with blood work, thyroid with blood work and get an accurate read on your hormones.  That would be a good help.  But I'm with you.  From what you've written, anxiety meds seem overkill.
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