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Should I be worried?

I have my mom's old blood sugar tester. I test it from time to time because she died from complications of diabetes. It has always been somewhere between 90 and 110. The bottom of my feet have been numb this week, and of course having anxiety issues, I google search it and it comes up diabetic. Ok, so then I checked my blood sugar last night and it was 148, however, it was within an hour of eating a sandwich. I just took it again now and it was 111. I haven't eaten since noon and it is after 5:30 now.
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Rather than worry, go see an MD and tell them of your concern.  
Ask for a GTT (glucose tolerance test) It needs to be done properly, your BG needs to be tested every 15 to 20 minutes for 3 hours.  That will tel you a lot about your  bodies response to carbohydrates, Like your phase 1 and phase 2 insulin response.
Better to know than to worry.

Good luck
Also If its an old meter make sure the strips are NOT old too  Old strips could give bad reading
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The other test to do is called Hba1c, which measures your average blood sugar over the last 3 months.  This is a blood test done by your Dr.

If you are prone to diabetes (family history), it may be worth adopting lifestyle measures that can help prevent / or delay onset.  These include regular exercise, normalizing weight, and eating a lower carb diet.

Given the family hsitroy you should be monitored at least annually to track how things are going.

A blood sugar level of 148 an hour after eating is a little on the high side, but not alarmingly so.  You may wish to eat lower carb foods.  Your blood sugar level of 111 after 5 hours of not eating, is not high, however, after 5 hours of not eating your blood sugar levels should have gone back down to fasting levels (these are ideally in the 70 - 95 range).

Of course, there is the chance that the meter is old and not working properly.... However, best y ou get this looked into and adopt appropriate lifestyle measures, as mentioned.
I had my blood test done about 2 years ago and it was perfect. I do not eat sweets at all, no cake, no candy bars, no candy. I've been on and off of the Atkins diet through the years but I have not been on it in about 10 months. I am 45, weigh 218 (5'10")

And I mean, when I say I don't eat sweets, I may have had a half of a donut in the past 3 weeks and that is it.
Its NOT sugar its carbohydrates.  Your body turns ALL carbs into BG (blood sugar)  pasta, potatos, rice, bread...  All get converted to BG.
Like i said before, I had it checked a couple of years ago and it was fine. However, the Atkin's diet was great but I "fell off the wagon." Should I consider going back on it?

I went from 240 to 200 in just 6 months. I am at 218 now.
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Atkins diet is a low carb diet.  If it worked for you weight and health wise you probably should go back on it.

On a low carb diet, you can still eat plenty of non-starchy vegetables, which are also good for health.  
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